Friday, January 15, 2021

Mian Jia Noodle Bar (麺家料理) @ Holland Village - Blown Away By the Super Shiok Mala Spicy Lobster Broth


I have not visited Holland Village since the start of the circuit breaker, and during this period it seems that there are quite a few changes. One of the newest addition to the F&B scene at Holland Village is Mian Jia Noodle Bar (麺家料理) which opened during the pandemic last year. To be exact, it relocated from Alexandra Central to its current location.

Lobster Prosperous Treasure Pot 4.5/5

For the upcoming Lunar New Year, Mian Jia Noodle Bar has launched the Lobster Prosperous Treasure Pot ($288). Quote "TENOFF" to enjoy 10% discount. Call or visit the restaurant to place your order, takeaway only as there is limited quantity. Unlike other Pen Cai, the treasure pot comes in a drinkable lobster bisque broth that comes brimming with premium ingredients. Customers can look forward to a sumptuous feast of Boston lobster, 10 heads braised abalone, Australian golden sea cucumber, Japanese scallops, Shajing oyster, Spanish Duroc pork ribs, handmade shrimp balls, braised chicken mid wings, bean root, pumpkin and Chinese cabbage.

Live Boston Lobster Broth Noodle 4.5/5


Signature at Mian Jia Noodle Bar is their Live Boston Lobster Broth Noodle ($26.90). There is both the Non-Spicy and Mala version. I got to try both versions, and I was blown away by the robust broth that is full of depth. The Mala version is beyond my expectation, the addition of peppercorn elevated the flavour to a whole new level. To be frank, I cannot decide which I like. Worth mentioning is the la mian noodle that has been cooked to a delectable consistency. The restaurant has specially imported the special cooking machine for consistency in every bowl.

Special Stewed Iberico Pork with Homemade Wanton Dry Noodle 4/5

Besides noodle soups, the restaurant also offers a variety of dry noodles. One of them is the Special Stewed Iberico Pork with Homemade Wanton Dry Noodle ($15.90). The chunky pork pieces may look sort of dry, but it melted in my mouth when I sunk my tooth into it. Give the la mian a good toss, to coat the sweet, savoury dark sauce on each noodle stand for a slurping enjoyment. The sauce reminds me of Malaysian kolo mee.

Crispy Crusted Chicken Cutlet 3.8/5

There are several side dishes on top of the dry and noodle soup on the menu to complete the meal. I tried the Crispy Crusted Chicken Cutlet ($6.90) though the skin was not as crispy as I would have like, the chicken was surprisingly very tender and juicy.

Spicy Chilli Oil Homemade Wanton 3.5/5

I also had the Spicy Chilli Oil Homemade Wanton ($5.90) which looks more like a dumpling than wanton. It is plump and juicy, dressed in spicy and fragrant chilli oil.

If not for my friend's introduction to this place, I probably would not have known of the restaurant as it  is hidden away at the end of the road from sight. I am glad that I have discovered a new noodle place that serves a delicious and a quality bowl of noodle. 

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Mian Jia Noodle Bar (麺家料理) 
19 Lorong Liput
Singapore 277732
Nearest MRT: Holland Village (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am - 1030pm

1) Alight at Holland Village MRT station. Take Exit B or C. Walk to Lorong Liput. Walk towards the junction of Lorong Liput and Lorong Mambong. Turn left onto Lorong Liput. Walk to the end of the road. Journey time about 3 minutes. [Map]

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