Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Celebrate Chinese New Year With Paradise Group's Lunar New Year Takeaway Sets and Festive Goodies


Have you started planning for Chinese New Year? If you are planning to have your reunion dinner at the comfort of your home, a good choice will be the Paradise Group Abundance Takeaway Set 丰盛外带套餐 (Public: $328+; Paradise Gourmet Rewards Member: $298+; Usual Price $375.40+). The abundance takeaway set comprises of four dishes which includes Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng, Grandeur Treasure Pot, Auspicious Black Truffle Kampong Chicken and Fortune Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice.

Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng

The Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng is good for 8 pax. It comes in a medley of vegetables freshly prepared daily in the kitchen and a can of abalone.

Auspicious Black Truffle Kampong Chicken

Cooked beautifully and infused with the earthy black truffle aroma is the Auspicious Black Truffle Kampong Chicken. This is really tender and juicy.

Fortune Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice

For a more filling reunion dinner, diners will be satisfied with the Fortune Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice. The fragrant glutinous rice is first soaked, then stir-fried with house-made sauce, mushroom and Chinese sausage, before being steamed.

Grandeur Treasure Pot

The highlight of the abundance takeaway set is the Grandeur Treasure Pot which showcases 16 delicacies and classic ingredients stewed in the housemade sauce. The treasure pot consists of abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, conpoy, dried oyster, mushroom, dried fish maw, black moss, fermented pork trotter, duck wing, Chinese sausage, bean dough, cabbage, yam, lotus root and radish.


Over at Paradise Teochew Restaurant, diners can look forward to exclusive items such as the Teochew-style Yu Sheng ($68/5pax; $138/10pax). It is available for both dine-in and takeaway.


For the dim sum menu at Paradise Teochew, who can indulge in exquisite creations such as the Steamed Abalone Siew Mai ($12.80/4pc), Steamed Prawn Dumpling with Mushroom ($12.80/4pc) and Crispy Radish Pastry with Ham and Diced Celery Bits ($9.80/3pc).


Exclusive for takeaway and dine-in at Paradise Teochew is the Braised Eight Treasure Duck ($108). The braised duck is cooked until tender, absorbing the flavoursome braising sauce, falling off the bone with ease. Do note this has to be pre-ordered at least 3 days in advance.

The Paradise Group Abundance Takeaway Set 丰盛外带套餐 (Public: $328+; Paradise Gourmet Rewards Member: $298+; Usual Price $375.40+) is available for pre-order now at Beauty In The Pot, Paradise Dynasty, Canton Paradise, Paradise Classic and Paradise Hotpot. It even comes with a complimentary 6-can pack of Tiger Crystal.

Note: This is an invited tasting

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