Saturday, February 3, 2018

Tamarind Hill @ Labrador Park - Celebrate Lunar New Year In Thai Style


From making your way up along Labrador Villa Road where lush greeneries path your way, to stepping into Tamarind Hill where the aroma of sandalwood settles you, step away from the hustle and immerse yourself in a totally different ambience in this Lunar New Year. This year, be led by Executive Chef Wanthana Nikonsaen who's going to present eight interpretations of classic Chinese dishes in a limited Lunar New Year menu.

Yu Sheng 3/5

Thai style salad takes on a new identity in this Thai-inspired Yu Sheng, in which the crowd pleasing shredded mango brightens up the dish, and the sweet-sour profile is further lifted by a sour plum & tamarind sauce.

Appetisers 3.5/5

Starting off with 2 appetisers - Steamed Sago Pork Dumplings and Fish Roe Marinated in Red Curry wrapped and grilled in a banana leaf. A trip to Phuket recently gotten me acquainted with Thai Pork Dumplings, and my first impression was that it is similar to our crystal dumpling. The skin was dense and chewy which I really like, and the sweet-savoury pork filling goes well with the skin too. The Fish Roe, as expected, is like our Otah. I'm just glad that it has more roe than paste.

Barramundi and Ginger Soup 3.8/5

The set menu comes with a soup - Barramundi and Ginger Soup. Almost like Tom Yum Goong but half the fieriness.

Five-spice Braised Pork Knuckle 4/5

The mains answer my cravings towards braised pork knuckle (khao kha moo) which I had in Bangkok. The Five-spice Braised Pork Knuckle is served with shiitake mushrooms, kalian & seaweed. The meat wasn't exactly fork-tender yet but the skin was to my satisfaction.

Tiger Prawns 2.5/5 and Egg Noodles 3.8/5

The Tiger Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk Sauce was quite disappointing. I was imaging huge prawns (with head intact) dressed in robust salted egg yolk sauce but it is lacklustre. Perhaps, this salted egg culture is really not embedded in the Thais' palate yet.  The Stir-fry Thai-style Egg Noodles with assorted vegetables is quite well done, which tasted as cosy as a plate of homecooked mee sua.

Desserts 3/5

Rounding off your evening is the Glutinous Rice Balls stuffed with sesame and honeydew sago with vanilla ice cream. Never mind the tough rice balls, for its superb counterpart makes up for it. The sago jelly was firm and stretchy, and the simple dressing over of the ever senses-appeasing coconut cream made this bowl a taste of bliss.


This Lunar New Year Menu will be available from 15 January to 2 March 2018 at $88++ per pax.

Words and photos by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Tamarind Hill
30 Labrador Villa Road
Singapore 119189
Tel: +65 62786364
Nearest MRT: Labrador Park (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat: 12pm - 3pm, 630pm - 1030pm
Sun: 730am - 11am, 12pm - 3pm, 630pm - 1030pm

1) Alight at Labrador Park MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to Labrador Villa Road. Turn left onto Labrador Villa Road. Walk down Labrador Villa Road. At the junction of Port Road and Labrador Villa Road, turn right and continue onto Labrador Villa Road. Walk to end of the road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 15 minutes. [Map]

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