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Open Door Policy @ Tiong Bahru - 100 Percent Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Concept Bistro


Located in the enclave of Tiong Bahru is Open Door Policy, a bistro that offers 100 percent gluten-free and dairy-free dishes on their menu. Recently Open Door Policy has revamped its menu, enticing diners with a total of 15 new dishes to the menu.

Watercress Soup 4/5

Dinner at Open Door Policy started with the Watercress Soup ($18). It comes with a poached organic egg and sweet wolfberries. The rich and thick watercress soup is then poured into the bowl at the table. I was worried that it will have an earthy raw taste but it was not traceable at all. In fact I could detect a tasteful stock base that is used to infuse with the watercress.

Warm Wasabi Green Pea Soup 4/5

The other soup I tried on the menu is the Warm Wasabi Green Pea Soup ($23). The espresso cup holds the thick pea soup which is mildly spiced by the wasabi. It also comes with a lightly seared Hokkaido scallops. The chia seeds and fried gluten-free focaccia bread provided that extra texture to the soup.

Avocado Jumbo Lump Crab Salad 3/5

The other starter we had is the Avocado Jumbo Lump Crab Salad ($25) which comes with charcoal gluten-free fried bread. Unfortunately I could hardly taste the crab meat in it, not to mention the salted egg yolk crumble which was not detectable.

Vitel Tone 3.5/5

Lastly on the starter, we had the Vitel Tone ($25). Slices of sous vide veal loin rested on a crispy gluten-free and dairy-free flat bread. It is then topped with pickled purple cabbage, green kale and dressed in homemade tuna mayo. There is a lot of flavours at play here couple with different textures. Complex but yet flavourful.

Braised Pork Rack 3.5/5

Moving to the mains, we began with the Braised Pork Rack ($38). The pork rack is marinated in 5 spice and oven roasted. It is then dressed in a sweet and spicy pineapple sauce. If I am blindfolded, I probably could not tell I am having pork. The marination and sauce seems to cleverly masked the porky taste. The dish also comes with baked purple sweet potatoes and blanche broccolini as sides.

Vegetable Tempura Risotto 4.5/5

One of my favourite dishes on the menu is actually a vegetarian dish. It is the Vegetable Tempura Risotto ($25) topped with pickled pink ginger for a tangy bite. I somehow felt that the risotto taste like our local fish porridge. This is crowned with crispy rice flour battered okra, baby carrots, oyster mushroom and broccoli for texture.

Braised Veal Ossobuco 4.2/5

The other risotto dish we tried is the Braised Veal Ossobuco ($32). The green pea puree risotto comes with fork tender braised veal ossobuco. It is then topped with pickled purple baby carrot and a light drizzle of preserved lemon juice. Compared to the vegetable tempura risotto, this is more richer and more intense in flavours.

Spaghetti Alle Vongole 4.2/5

Initially when the Spaghetti Alle Vongole ($28) is served, I thought the pasta looks rather pale and mushy. However it actually has a good al dente bite to it. The pasta is made from rice flour without egg and tossed in a creamy Japanese white miso sauce. Not forgetting the generous serving of sweet white clams.

Sous Vide Salmon 4.5/5

Another delicious dish on the menu is the Sous Vide Salmon ($32) marinated in garlic and thyme. It was cooked to a beautiful pink and served in a braised miso chilli daikon broth with milk cabbage and fresh cherry tomatoes, topped with delicate dill foam. Although salmon is used, the whole execution felt like having a Teochew style steamed fish.

Pan Seared Threadfin 3/5

We also had the Pan Seared Threadfin ($32) on a sweet and spicy Thai mango salad, tossed with cashew nuts and sakura shrimp. I thought the mango salad lacked the spicy and tangy punch for the characteristic for Thai cuisine. It was too mild.

Dairy-Free Apple Crumble 4/5

A warm and comforting dessert on the menu is the Dairy-Free Apple Crumble ($16). The sous vide apple chunks are marinated in 8 different spices. It is topped with crunchy oat flour and extra virgin coconut oil crumble. This is best paired with the cashew nut milk creme anglais.

Calamansi Chocolate Tart 4.8/5

The Calamansi Chocolate Tart ($16) is definitely one of the prettiest tart I have eaten. The yolk-based calamansi and lime zest custard sits in a no-bake bitter chocolate tartshell. This is then topped with dollops of torched meringue and dehydrated calamansi slices. In my wildest dream, I never thought the combination can be so harmonized and yummy.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Open Door Policy
19 Yong Siak Street
Singapore 168650
Tel: +65 62219307
Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru

Opening Hours:
Daily: 12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 11pm

1) Alight at Tiong Bahru MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to traffic light junction. Cross the road and walk down Tiong Bahru Road towards Kim Pong Road. Turn right onto Kim Pong Road. Walk to Yong Siak Street. Walk to destination. Journey time about 15 minutes. [Map]

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