Friday, November 20, 2015

Jamie’s Italian @ VivoCity


After a year or so into its opening, Jamie’s Italian at VivoCity has come out with another 5 new items to entice their regulars, if not, recruit more of you to give it a try. The direction is on lighter menu options such as salads and bruschetta plates.

seasonal veg bruschetta
Seasonal Vegetable Bruschetta 4/5

We started off with Seasonal Vegetable Bruschetta ($10.50 ). I was pleasantly surprised by the burst of freshness coming out from this dish. The mint pea salsa was creamier than I thought it would be. Its texture was almost like an avocado, without the heaviness. That’s what made it so compatible with the ricotta. The green and yellow courgettes atop was dry grilled beforehand, giving this dish a good crunch.

Superfood Salad 3.8/5

Superfood Salad ($18.50) with Smoked Salmon ($26.50). With all the craze about superfood these days, the dish has it all - Lentils, quinoa, black rice, fennel, roasted beets and seed mix dressed in sherry vinegar and olive oil. The char grilled avocado and cottage cheese are exactly what were needed to give it this plate of grains and roots a boost of creamy goodness. What really captured my attention was that morsel of sambal-like chilli paste that comes with it, that sends every mouthful throbbing with heat, in a real good way.

Summer Truffle Risotto 4.5/5

Summer Truffle Risotto ($32.50)  is only available at Jamie’s Italian Vivo City. This is no doubt my favorite dish of the day. Putting the complex Italian names of the ingredients aside, although the structure of this dish seems pretty simple (mainly rice, truffles and cheese), it exudes oomph in every spoonful. That, I feel it wouldn’t be possible without the crisp herby breadcrumbs, that is able to edge its velvety texture beautifully. Pretty steep for a risotto, but it’s really up to you to see its value.

truffle risotto
Bucatini Pasta 2.8/5

The Dish of the day was Bucatini Pasta ($21). I really love their traditional Romana sauce. The sweltered onion added flair to what might seem to be just a regular pasta with tomato sauce. However, the homemade bucatini pasta was slightly too tough for my liking. The portion served almost buried the few pieces of smokey pancetta that comes with it.

Pink Snapper Acqua Pazza 4.2/5

The Pink Snapper Acqua Pazza ($33.50) is stated to be a Pan-fried whole pink snapper, but with such tenderness of the meat, it could easily be mistaken as a steamed fish. A creation from Jamie Oliver’s Italian mentor, Chef Gennaro Contaldo, this is also highly likable dish which I would recommend. The sauce (concocted using olives, garlic, wine, capers, parsley and the sweetest baby plum tomatoes) was slightly milky and tangy, which I feel is excellent for the delicate texture and taste of the fish.

Rump Steak 3.8/5

A good piece of meat in the hands of a skilled chef never fails, which is the case for its Rump Steak ($29.50). You may think that this is odd, but I really appreciate the slaw at the side. Seldom that I find slaw that has not turned soggy under the weight of its dressing. The skinny fries was pretty well done too.

polenta cake
Orange Blossom Polenta Cake 3/5

We rounded up the dinner with their latest dessert - Orange Blossom Polenta Cake, together with another another sweet sounding Raspberry Rippled Pavlova ($11.50). The latter was indeed too sweet for me, whereas its newcomer is much more delightful. It’s pleasantly crumbly and grainy, yet moist like a butter cake.

Raspberry Rippled Pavlova 2.5/5

I do like their new items, especially their salads which can be both an appetizer and a light meal. Putting aside the dollars, I feel the standard of their food is there, though I have not tried its original establishment. If you want some fine Italian food, and the ease of dining in a casual ambience, Jamie’s Italian may be a good option.

Photograph and written by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food.

Jamie Italian 
1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585
Tel: +65 67335500
Nearest MRT: Harbour Front (CC Line, NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 1130am - 11pm
Sat-Sun: 930am - 11pm

1) Alight at Harbourfront MRT station. Take Exit C or E. Walk to Vivocity Level 1. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

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