Monday, June 8, 2015

SG Food on Foot’s 5 Favourite Dessert Places


Reflecting back the years I have been blogging, the joy of this journey is not just about finding and sharing good food on my site. In this food discovery journey, these delicious moments were not possible without the company of like-minded friends who shared the same passion in discovering good food. Indeed food bonds people and these delicious moments are not perfect without ending with some yummilicious desserts in each meet up or food trails. With that I would like to share 5 of my favourite dessert places where you indulge in your own great little moments with your friends and families.


Mad About Sucre located along Teo Hong Road, beside Outram Park MRT station is one of the hottest and latest patisserie that I went with a group of foodie friends. The exquisite and elegant desserts, together with the ambience have left all of us impressed. Among the cakes I tried during my visit, my favourite is the Coco Citron which comes with a harmoniously execution of lemon curd sourness and refreshing coconut mousse on top. In fact, I have heard that they have recently introduced a new series of cakes. I can’t wait to go back and try them.


I am not a big fan of overly sweet desserts but I do have a weakness for a good cup of gelato or ice cream. In fact, I can finish a tub of gelato/ ice cream all by myself. Over the years, many gelato places have popped up around the island but my all-time favourite has always been Alfero Gelato for its full body flavour, rich, creamy and smooth texture. Currently it has 3 outlets at Macpherson, Marina Square and Orchard Gateway.


Recently, I fell in love with the ice cold frozen yogurt as I like the hint of sourness in them. Beegurt has been one of my recent discoveries and I simply fell in love with this yummy ice cold yogurt desserts. It is also perfect for cooling down in the hot and humid Singapore weather. In addition, the frozen yogurt allows one to be creative with their own choice of toppings.


As a food blogger, we need to be always on the alert on the latest trend so that we can share with our readers. Korean Bingsu is the latest craze in town now. Many bingsu cafés have recently been opened to jump on the bandwagon. Having tried a couple of these Korean snowflake desserts, my recommendation would be NunSongYee at Burghley Drive (Serangoon Garden) for its varieties, fresh ingredients and ambience, especially the melted in the mouth snowflake texture of the shaved ice. The huge serving is also perfect for sharing with friends.


Going back to my root, my all-time favourite dessert is this humid little dessert stall tucked inside a coffeeshop in Bedok. No Name Cheng Tng painstaking boiled the longan soup everyday at its stall instead of taking the shortcut of using syrup. For only a dollar seventy cents, we got a bowl of refreshing and sweet traditional Chinese Cheng Tng dessert packed to the brim with ingredients such as dried longan, white fungus, gingko nuts, dried persimmon, winter melon, glutinous ball, malva nut and sweet potato. Unlike most Cheng Tng stall, the uncle prefers to use ice cube instead of shaved ice. I like the idea as it keeps the cheng tng cold while not over dilute the broth when the ice melted.


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