Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Whole New OpenSnap App by OpenRice


I have been using the OpenSnap App to post some of food pictures for a while now and I am really quite excited with its latest update. The all new OpenSnap App is cleaner, sexier and more navigation user friendly. On top of that, it has also added some new and useful features. Finding the best restaurants and dishes in Singapore is just a few taps away with the new OpenSnap.


Many times we may just want to eat a particular dish or have a craving for a particular food item. Most of the app out there only gives you a listing of the restaurants but not the dish. With the all new OpenSnap, this is so easy now. It allows one to find a restaurant by the rating of a dish. For example, you are craving for a good bowl of bak ku teh. All you need to do is launch the OpenSnap app, go to Singaporean > Bak Kut Teh.


The app will show a list of Bak Kut Teh from various restaurants with their different ratings. There is also a Filter Function button for you to further specific the different search criteria. This new feature is really brilliant in my option. Instead of browsing through the long listing of restaurants to find the particular food you want to eat.  We can now go straight to the dish and find which restaurant serves the best of it.


In the new OpenSnap app, it has also included a new Offers feature which has attractive dining offers in Singapore. The eclectic listing of 700 dining offers over 450 unique restaurants in Singapore. Users will be spoilt of choices. Imagine the amount of savings too.


My personal favourite is the Nearby feature of the new OpenSnap app. How many times have been been to a place and ask ourselves, What to eat around here? What is good around here? Let OpenSnap solves your headache with just a simple tap on the nearby feature and a list of restaurants around the vicinity will be displayed on your smartphone.


The new updated OpenSnap has definitely made it more user friendly with its cleaner look and simple navigation. Thoughts have also been given to the new features catering to the modern needs of the society bringing food guide and directory to the palm. Find where to eat in Singapore has gotten easier with OpenSnap.

OpenSnap can be downloaded for free on iTunes and Google Play app store:
Google Play App Store:

*This post is brought to you by OpenSnap.

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