Monday, August 4, 2014

House of Seafood (螃蟹之家) @ The Punggol Settlement


The end of Punggol Road where Punggol Jetty is located has fond memories for me. This is where my parents used to bring me to have a feast for family gathering or special occasions during my childhood days. Many years have passed and the new development at the end of Punggol Road has taken shape. It has transformed into a beautiful waterfront for both food and leisure, perfect for a family day out. The idea location  has also seen many seafood restaurants opened along the coastal line at The Punggol Settlement. One such restaurants is the popular House of Seafood (螃蟹之家) popular for their black pepper crab.

Pan Fried Chicken Cutlet with Special Sauce 4.2/5

I probably would not have ordered the Pan Fried Chicken Cutlet with Special Sauce ($12/$16/$20) at a seafood restaurant if not for the recommendation of the staff. It was really an excellent recommendation. The chicken cutlet coated in a special sauce was so tender and succulent, getting praises around the table. Garnished with quail egg which is an interesting pairing, is a dish to try at House of Seafood.

Stir Fried Asparagus with XO Sauce 4/5

I always find that XO Sauce is a wonder sauce that goes well with almost any ingredients. The Stir Fried Asparagus ($12/$16/$20) beautifully coated with XO Sauce was sweet and crunchy. The XO sauce gave the dish the extra lift of spiciness and aroma that will be well received by the locals.

La La 3/5

The La La ($12/$16/$22) has its hits and misses. The broth that cooked the la la was lackluster but the freshness of the shellfish with its sweet and plump flesh redeemed the dish.

Crispy Beancurd with Chef Special Sauce 3/5

The Crispy Beancurd with Chef Special Sauce ($15/$20/$25) was crispy on the exterior and silky smooth inside. The presentation topped with pork floss looked somewhat like the Addias logo to our amusement. The so called chef special sauce is non other than a familiar Thai sweet spicy sauce which was a bit old school in my opinion.

Pork Ribs with Special Sauce 3.5/5

The Pork Ribs with Special Sauce ($15/$20/$25) received mixed opinions around the table. I actually quite like the flavour of the special sauce enhancing the enjoying in tearing the meat off from the bone.

Mee Goreng 3.5/5

Fried White Bee Hoon with XO Sauce 4.2/5

Moving on to the noodle dishes, I tried the Mee Goreng ($8/$12/$16) and Fried White Bee Hoon with Xo Sauce. I thought both were very well executed. For the mee goreng I have always preferred the Chinese style wetter version and I managed to get my satisfaction at House of Seafood. The Fried White Bee Hoon with XO sauce was really outstanding with its wok hei aromatic complemented by a superior stock.

Black Pepper Crab 3.8/5

Salted Egg Crab 4/5

Next up is the crowning of the dinner with the Black Pepper Crab (market price) and Salted Egg Crab (market price). Voted the best Black Pepper Crab in Singapore, the crustacean did come with a peppery kick. However the black pepper sauce was too pasty for my liking. The Salted Egg Crab fares better with its finger licking good creamy salted egg sauce. How I wish there were some fried mantou to wipe clean the plate.

During my visit which is a Saturday evening, the restaurant is packed. Singaporean loves of seafood and the location although far but along the waterfront proves to be a winning formula similar to East Coast Seafood Village. The Punggol Settlement probably will be the next seafood village of the North East.

House of Seafood
The Punggol Settlement
3 Punggol Point Road
Singapore 828694
Tel: +65 64669000
Nearest MRT: Punggol (NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 5pm - 11pm

1) Alight at Punggol MRT station. Take Exit C. Walk to Punggol temporary Bus Interchange (Stop ID 65009). Take bus number 84. Alight 6 stops later. Journey time about 25 minutes. [Map]


  1. How much was the white beehoon? It looks nice.

    1. sorry i did not manage to get the price. I will assume it should not be more than $30.

  2. Last time my dad used to bring me there to catch crabs at 3am. And when I moved from AMK to Punggol, I started running from my place to Punggol Jetty and back again. It always motivated me because it was so dark and scary, made me run faster. Now the whole place is so different. It's a little sad.

    1. This place also brings back a lot of childhood memories for me.

  3. My Family and I had an unhappy dinner @ House of Seafood The Punggol Settlement last Sunday. I called the "MANAGER" as the one of the crab i order was not fresh. At 1st he can over, he didn't say much and said that he will change a new one for us. But when the new one came was WITHOUT THE CRAB PINCERS. We called him to ask and the answer we got from him was that how much crab they received back will be how much they change for us. We tell him that this was not fair but he said that he should have mentioned to us before he change and he didn't even appologised for it. When we called him again to let him know that we are unhappy about this, what he said was that he will only change one more crab pincer for this. What type of attuitde is it. In the end is all the rest of the staff who trying to calm us down and keep appologised for this incident. They even offered Desserts for us. This will be the FIRST and LAST time I will go to this place.

    1. This is a very unfortunately incident.

    2. Agree the male MANAGER is rude and does not even smile to customers. The lady waitress are very hospitable.

  4. never go there again. smelly fish, non-fresh crab, and there's a fly in La La

  5. Bad food, bad service and expensive! Ordered 2 crayfish very small and not palatable costing $55 each!

    1. 此店专宰中国游客!2只螃蟹$192!!上当受骗!黑店!

  6. How much they paid you to shoot? this is one of the worst places i been to

    1. sorry I am not paid to do so. I shared my experience when I was there. It is unfortunately to hear so many bad reviews about the place...looks like something has changed drastically at the restaurant causing the landslide.

  7. Notice to punggol house of seafood vietnamese staff .Never talk behind of ppl even you think the ppl dont know your country language. Luckily I knew you all talk about me . Rude and no manners !!! Your vietnamese staff keep talking crudely words !! Horrible and terrible sale attitude . That day I decided to go house of seafood with my family . I just ask for menu and discuss with husband how to cook the crab . I just took around 5 minute to decide my dish , but the vietnamese lady keep chasing me faster and using vietnamese language talk with her friend : this lady so trouble , took so long time to see menu , no money still want eat restaurant . I faster return back the menu and bring my family go another restaurant and eat . This is my first time which haven go in the restaurant and already no mood to eat and scold by lousy staff. Punggol beach is so romantic , beautiful and peaceful place , but you can heard those house of seafood staff voice around that restaurant area , even beach side also can heard their voice likw pasar malam.

    For those decide to go punggol house of seafood . This is my unlucky experience and I will never go this restaurant again .

    If you go punggol to take a rest and wanna find some delicious food . You all should go jin long restaurant , their services very good and the staff always got smiling face . Thanks you for your review.