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Sawadee Thai Cuisine @ Tan Quee Lan Street (Bugis)


For those that stay in the Northern part of Singapore would be familiar with Sawadee Thai Cuisine which used to be located at Sembawang near the famous Sembawang white beehoon. Sawadee Thai Cuisine has sinced moved from its previous premises to their new home at Bugis along Tan Quee Lan Street in December 2013, just beside the new Bugis downtown line MRT exit.

Betel Leaf Wrap 4/5

Betel Leaf Wrap 4/5

The last time I had the Betel Leaf Wrap ($12/$18) was at the defunct Sweet Salty Spicy. Not many Thai restaurants in Singapore serve this. I am glad that I got to try this street food again at Sawadee Thai Cuisine. To eat just grab a bit of everything with the homemade special sauce and have it like a wrap. You will get a burst of flavours in the mouth as you chew on the betel leaf wrap.

Green Mango Salad 3.5/5

I realized that the Green Mango Salad ($10/$15) served at the Sawadee Thai Cuisine is a bit different to the rest. A check with the kitchen confirmed that they used 2 different types of mangoes for the dish. The ripe one for sweetness and the unripe one for the crunch. While this was good, I like my Thai salad to be rich in the fish sauce and spiciness. The seasoning can be further up a notch.

Thai Rice Crackers Dip 3/5

A delightful starter would be the Thai Rice Crackers Dip ($9/$14) that is served with a rich, savoury creamy chicken dip.

Crab Spring Roll 3.5/5

While the Crab Spring Roll ($10/$15) was very enjoyable with its crispy deep fried exterior, I could not really tasted any crab meat in the filling instead. While it is understandable for cost reason, I still hope the filling mixture would have more crab meat flesh.

Tom Yum Talay 3.8/5

A staple Thai soup dish, the Tom Yum Talay ($10/$15) will whet up your appetite with its spicy and sour characteristic.

Thai Stuffed Chicken Wings 3.5/5

The Thai Stuffed Chicken Wings ($10/$15) was quite flavourful and easy to it as they have been deboned. While it is pretty enjoyable, I still preferred my chicken wings to come with bones.

Thai Style Otah 4.5/5

Served in a traditional clay earthenware, the Thai Style Otah ($15) was one my favourite dishes for the night. The steamed fish paste or mousse has delectable firm and chunky texture that comes with a subtle spiciness.

Olive Rice 4/5

Nowadays I don't go for pineapple rice but olive rice instead whenever I visit a Thai restaurant. I find olive rice is more flavourful than pineapple rice. The Olive Rice ($13/$18) at Sawadee Thai Cuisine is served with chicken and deep fried dried shrimp. The deep fried dried shrimp is quite an interesting combination which goes very well with the olive rice.

Hearty Duck Curry 4.2/5

The red curry of the Hearty Duck Curry ($15/$22) was rich and creamy. It goes very well with a plate of rice. The use of lychee and pineapple gave the dish a fruity sweet balance which worked excellently with the roasted duck.

Spicy Steamed Fish 4.2/5

I have always enjoy having Thai Spicy Steamed Fish ($28). The combination of the sweet, sour and spicy which are the fundamental of Thai cuisine fully accentuated the fresh and moist fish.

Stir Fried Fish Maw with Beansprouts 4.8/5

The simplicity of the dish coupled with an element of surprise in terms of textures and flavours blown everyone on the table away. The Stir Fried Fish Maw with Beansprouts ($12/$18) comes with soft and flavourful fish maw coated beautifully by a layer of eggs, stir fried with beansprouts. It was so good that I kept going back for more. I even exclaimed that this can be a healthy version of orh luak.

Durian with Glutinous Rice 4.5/5

Mango with Glutinous Rice 3.8/5

Wrapping up the dinner, we have the Durian Glutinous Rice ($5) and Mango Glutinous Rice ($6). Being a durian lover, my vote went to durian glutinous rice. The aromatci durian and sticky glutinous rice drizzled with coconut milk worked beautifully on the palate. For the mango glutinous rice, the purple glutinous rice stood out with its sweetness that is so good that I can have it on its own. I only wish there could be more coconut milk.

Moving to the new premises at Bugis, Sawadee Thai Cuisine has also gone upscale with its centralized location. Prices are a bit steeper compare to neighbourhood Thai restaurant. Considering the foreign working crowd in the vicinity and catering more for family dining, the Thai food at Sawadee Thai Cuisine is not as spicy and bold in flavours. Nevertheless, just asked for the kitchen not to hold back in the seasoning if you prefer a more authentic taste of Thailand.

Sawadee Thai Cuisine
9 Tan Quee Lan Street
Singapore 188098
Tel: +65 62386833
Nearest MRT: Bugis (EW Line, DT Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am - 230pm, 6pm - 1030pm

1) Alight at Bugis MRT station. Take Exit D. Walk to destination. Journey time about 3 minutes. [Map]

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