Saturday, January 25, 2014

CP Food Products


I don't cook at home, not to mention about going to the supermarket to do marketing. Recently I received a hamper from CP Foods and I am surprised that CP has so many products under its brand. I only know of CP's shrimp wonton which I always seen it in tv advertisement. For this festive season, CP has introduced a new Shrimp Wonton Festive Pack with Suki Sauce. I thought it is brilliant for steamboat during Lunar New Year reunion dinner.


Exclusively only at 7-11 is the CP Teriyaki Burger and CP Shrimp Burger. The kids tried the CP Teriyaki Burger and they loved it.


CP Food has also recently launched a couple of new products. One of them is the Breaded Fish in Tamarind Sauce with chunks of fish doused with sweet and sour sauce of tamarind. Suitable for people looking for quick nourishing meal.


The other 2 new items under the CP brand is the Vegetarian Stir Fried Holy Basil with Rice and Vegetarian Yakisoba. The Stir Fried Holy Basil with Rice comes with crunchy carrots and succulent silvers of shiitake mushrooms. The vegetarian noodle is an adaption of the classic Japanese stir fried noodles cooked in sweet and soya sauce.


The Chicken Gyoza is wrapped in a thin pastry of chicken and vegetable. The Japanese style dumpling has a well blended taste and fantastic aroma.


With a new formulated breading, the Japanese Crispy Gyoza made from whole chunk of chicken meats is tender and crunchy.


Besides the Japanese gyoza, CP food also offers a selection of Korean delights in the Korean Shrimp Mandoo and Korean Vegetable Mandoo. Wrapped in smooth pastry sheet, the wholesome texture and korean recipe was a delightful treat.

I am quite impressed with CP Food's extensive offerings. Many families nowadays either do not know how to cook or don't have time to do so. CP food products are like a saviour offering varieties as well as time saving delicious meal which only requires some simple heating up.

CP Food Products

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