Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunshine High Fibre White Bread


Sunshine launches its newest product, High Fibre White Bread 400g. The high fibre white bread contains 8g of dietary fibre, 30% more than other high fibre white breads, crowning itself as the King of of High Fibre White Breads. Retail at $2.35, the wholesome high fibre white bread is the only one among the others that comes with Wheat Germ and Omega-3 DHA.


What is Wheat Germ? Wheat germ is the most vitamin and mineral rich par of the wheat kernel. The germ is actually the embryo of the wheat plant. This embryo will eventually nourish the new wheat plan, providing you with many wonderful nutrients.


Omega-3 DHA are essential monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids for the body. These fatty acids are brain boosting, cholesterol clearing good fats. It is a nutrient everyone should take daily as it can improve and protect vital aspects of the body's daily functioning like keeping your joints well lubricated.

Sunshine High Fibre White Bread is further enriched with calcium to meet quarter of one's daily calcium intake to complete the whole wholesome goodness of the bread.

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