Monday, December 16, 2013

Pickat SG, Pick a Place and Share it


About 6 months ago, I mentioned about this new exciting App available on Iphone and Android, Pickat SG that allows you to pick a place and share it with your friends and/or followers. Its really quite a cool App with other features such as checking out what is popular nearby as well as coupons and promotions. You can find out more about Pickat SG and its various functions in my previous post here.


Recently, Pickat SG has made a couple of enhancements and improvements to made the App more user friendly with the latest release of Pickat SG version 1.90. With these update, users now can easily Bookmark a favourite pick adding it to the new My Places tab.


The new My Places tab now enable easy access to the list of places the user has picked and bookmarked. I like this new feature. Now I can easily call up the places where I want to check out.


Making a pick has now been also simplified. User only needs to just select the place and post it with a photo and/or review. If the place is not available in the App, the new enhancement allows the user to simply add a new place by entering the postal code and unit number.

Pickat 1.90 Tutorial

Still not convinced? MissTamChiak and SG Food on Foot went on a typical Saturday couple's date using the cool Pickat SG and we have fun dating! Check out the comic strips...enjoy!
Comic Strip
Comic Strip

Pickat SG is cool right? Pickat SG will also regularly collaborate with partners and merchants to bring exclusive promotions for their users. Currently for the month of December 2013, there are promotions for Windowsill Pies, Rice & Fries, Fluff Dessert and Department of Caffeine. So what is holding you back in downloading the FREE App on Iphone and Android when you can enjoy all these promotions? Start picking with Pickat SG from today.


  1. haha,,,read the comic strip liao!! both of u r so funny acting out as a couple! What a fun way to promote an app! =D

  2. ahahaha that comic strip is awesome

  3. Just downloaded the app and I must say it is a great app for food lovers!