Saturday, May 18, 2013

Momma Kong's Crab Shack @ Mosque Street (Chinatown)


If you are craving for crabs, there is a new restaurant at Mosque Street (Chinatown) that serves pretty delectable crabs. Momma Kong's Crab Shack is opened by 2 enterprising lads showcasing their Mum's recipe of black pepper crabs and pairing it with a variety of boozes. The minimalist chic restaurant can sit up to 55 passengers and the crabs are cooked to order.


The menu is very interesting, it is designed to look exactly like a Facebook page. The menu is not very extensive. It offers 4 varieties of crabs, a few light bites and a variety of alcoholic beverages.

Belachan Ikan Bilis 4/5

By the way, it was a couple makan session with Charlene, Maureen, Nadia and our respective partners. We started off with some light bites. The Belachan Ikan Bilis or Deep Fried Anchovies ($6) comes in 3 spice level of mild, medium and madness. We had the medium spice level and it was quite fiery.

Spicy Tangy Top Shell 2.5/5

The Spicy Tangy Top Shell ($15) which was mixed with chopped onions, sesame oil, lemon, a few secret ingredients and topped with chilli padi  was disappointing. The flavours was too mild and the top shell tasted bland. I did not get the spicy tangy kick.

Crab Beehoon Soup 4.2/5

The smooth and milky Crab Beehoon Soup ($38 per crab, $110 for 3 crabs) was one of the best I tried. The beehoon was also smooth and firm. It was so slippery that we had a hard time holding them on our chopsticks. The beehoon was also cut into shorter length similar to Katong Laksa.

Fresh Steam Crab 4.2/5

The Sri Lanka mud crab used at Momma Kong's Crab Shack weights about 650gram. The meat was firm and sweet but a bit small for sharing if you have a big group, probably just nice for 2 pax.

Fresh Steamed Crab 4.2/5

The best way to enjoy the freshness and sweetness of the crab is to have it steamed. The Fresh Steamed Crab ($38 per crab, $110 for 3 crabs) was steamed with fragrant Chinese wine giving it a nice aroma. The delicacy also came with lovely orange crab roe.

Black Pepper Crab 4/5

The Black Pepper Crab ($38 per crab, $110 for 3 crabs) is a bit different from the norm. The black pepper sauce is wetter compared to the usually dry version. It tasted like those black pepper sauce used on steaks. This is really an interesting version but may not be for those that can't take spice.

Chilli Crab 3.5/5

The Chill Crab ($38 per crab, $110 for 3 crabs) was nice but I would prefer the more gravy version. The version at Momma Kong's Crab Shack is drier and has a garlic taste to it. If given a choice, I would still prefer the sweet and savoury tomato and chilli based sauce.

Fried Mantou 4.2/5

If you have a chance to visit Momma Kong's Crab Shack, a must try is the Fried Mantou ($1.50 each). The Fried Mantou is really special and soft. You probably can't find it elsewhere. The best way to enjoy the fried mantou is to dip it into the chilli crab gravy soaking up the delicious sauce.

It is understand that Momma Kong's Crab Shack has created a method of freezing the crabs where one can takeaway and just oven heat for consumption. It is claimed the frozen crab has made a flight all the way to London.

Momma Kong's Crab Shack
34 Mosque Street
Singapore 059512
Tel: +65 62252722
Nearest MRT: Chinatown (NE Line, DT Line)

Opening Hours:
Tue-Sun: 6pm - 12am

1) Alight at Chinatown MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk straight to the end of Pagoda Street. Turn left onto South Bridge Road. Walk along South Bridge Road and turn left onto Mosque Street. Journey time about 8 minutes.


  1. I love the roe the most! Thats also the part with the most cholesterol. =(
    Crab Beehoon Soup that uses Female crabs are the best! Yummy!