Thursday, July 19, 2012

Japanese Gourmet Journey @ Liang Court


Singaporeans favourite pastime has to be shopping and fooding. Last Sunday, courtesy of AsiaMalls Management I was down at Liang Court with Celes, Charlene and Zhihao to indulge in a Gourmet Journey at Liang Court. The Gourmet Journey at Liang Court runs from 6 to 29 July 2012.



Liang Court is like a little food heaven with 20 yummy tenants. Make your way down to Liang Court between 6 to 29 July and enjoy special promotion from these tenants. Example you can get 1 for 1 Korean Citron Juice from Each-a-Cup, 20% off Vietnamese drip creative coffee, 1 for 1 subs at Subway before 11am and more. Please refer to the Gourmet Journey brochure for more details. Terms and conditions applied.



If you love your Japanese snacks and food, come on down to Liang Court to check out the Meidi-Ya Food and Kitchenware sales.


Many of you may known of Tampopo at Liang Court. However did you know that the Tampopo group has opened Dulcet & Studio at Liang Court? This cosy cafe has an airy and spacious interiors where diners can relax within. The cafe is also home to a Cooking Studio that rents out its space for private events and cooking demos for up to 30 people.

After meeting up with the Celes, Charlene and Zhihao, we had a quick lunch at Dulcet & Studio before checking out a series of programmes at Liang Court from 1pm to 6pm.


After our lunch, we met this group of masked performancers making their way to the stage. A series of performances will be held on the weekend at 1pm. The sunday I was there, we watched the Mask Dance and Japanese Lion (Shishimai) dance performance.



The masked performancers on stage performancing. Their smiling masked face and performance brought lots of laughter and smile to the shoppers.


This masked little boy in the audiences caught my attention.


He was so engrossed watching the Japanese lion dance performance on stage.


He even went closer to check out the it sleeping?


I am NOT scare of you...face off between little boy and the lion.


Check out the smile from the audiences, they definitely enjoyed the performances. The performance was cultural interesting giving me an insight of the Japan culture. There are another 2 performances in the coming weekend. They are Special Miyake Daiko and Minyo, Japanese Folk Dance performance on 21 Jul 2012 Sat and 22 Jul 2012 Sun respectively.



There is also a colouring corner for the kids. The Gourmet Journey Coloring Book for Kids is a good way to keep them happy and occupied at the same time learned about the different Japanese food.


Next up was the Subway Tasters Challenge. The participants just need to spend a minimum of $20 in a single receipt to take part. The participants needed to guess the ingredients and sauces in the Subway subs. All participants will get a chance to dip in the Gourmet Draw with prizes. Winner getting 4 drawing chances, 3 for 1st runner up,  2 for 2nd runner up and 1 for consolation. Hence every participant will walk away a winner.


Zhihao was quite sporting to take part in the challenge. Coming last he still walked away a winner with a Sake Set from the Gourmet Draw.

Root Beer with Gelato

Strawberry Brownie Crepe

Chocolate Banana Crepe

I was kind of hungry and tried after spending the past 3 hours checking our the events at Liang Court. Celes and me went to take a snack break at Mazazu Crepe while Charlene and Zhihao did more shopping. Mazazu Cafe is a local franchise of the Japanese crepe chain, Mother's Crepe and Cafe. It offers shoppers a quick meal on the go. The eggy and buttery crepes can be filled with ingredients of your choice.

There were many things you can do at Liang Court besides Food and Retail. You can also pamper yourself with a leg massage, manicure or spa. Time really flies quickly and it was dinner time. A word of advice if you want to have dinner at Liang Court, you have to make reservation. Almost every restaurants were full. We even have to resort to putting our contact in the waiting list with 3 restaurants.



Okinawan Diner Nirai-Kanai was the first among the 3 restaurants to ring us that a table is available. We quickly made our way to the restaurant as we were all hungry after a long day at Liang Court. The cuisine is an interesting blend of Chinese, Polynesian and Japanese influence. I really enjoyed the cuisine and I would love to come back again to try the other dishes on their menu.


If you spend $120 in a maximum of 2 same-day receipts, you can redeem an adorable Sushi Cushion, while stocks last. Terms and condition applied so do check with the customer service. You can find out more of the Gourmet Journey at Liang Court here.

Lastly a big thanks to AsiaMalls Management for the vouchers.

Liang Court
177 River Valley Road
Singapore 179030
Tel: +65 63367184


  1. Aiyo you so bad, mention zhihao got last! Lol he only miss by one point la. If not it will be a tie with everyone! Considering that he only eats Subway Melt, very good liao leh! LOL

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  2. Haha no la since when I ask u to change? Never mention in my comment wor. At least he got the guts to take part. Eh why you never thank me as well? If dun have me, dun have the vouchers leh. hahhaha

    1. yo when you become so particular. I thought I thank you personally when we were together. Am I too sound :P