Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Heineken Star Serve


Heineken Star Serve, What is it? It basically means the perfect pour of Heineken. I am very privileged  to be invited by Heineken and iris to attend the event to learn from draught master Frank Yu how to pour myself the perfect pour.


Frank Yu is Singapore's one and only appointed draught master. He has gone all the way to Amsterdam, the birthplace of Heineken to undergo intensive training sessions before awarded the coveted title of Heineken Draught Master. The training in Amsterdam is the first of its kind to be conducted by Heineken's Global Draught Master, Franck Evers, and only 8 were selected from all over the world to participate in the programme.


I hope I have been a good student. We were taught the 5 basic steps to pour a perfect pour.

1) Select - a clean Heineken glass
2) Prepare - rinse the glass with water rinser
3) Pour - open the tap in one smooth movement
4) Skim - use a wet skimmer to remove excess foam
5) Serve - on a Heineken coaster


We even got the the opportunity to go behind the bar. Under the guidance of draught master Frank Yu we got to pour ourselves the perfect Heineken pour.

Here is video of the Heineken's Global Draught Master, Franck Evers teaching you how to pour a perfect pour.