Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Caffe B @ Marina Bay Sands


I have to admit when I first heard of Caffe B, I thought it is a cafe serving bistro food at Marina Bay Sands. I have been to Marina Bay Sands numerous time but I have not noticed it. The main entrance to the restaurant is actually located at basement one of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

Caffe B is actually a nouveau Italian fine dining restaurant and bar concept that marries the best of Italian tradition, style and cuisine with the soul and sensibilities of the Japanese culture.


I like the quiet and elegant ambience of the restaurant in a setting resplendent with the romantic old world charm of Italy. It will be a nice place to impress your date. The restaurant has a no kids policy so be assured that you won't have screaming babies or kids running around.


Above the restaurant which can be accessed via the stairs behind the wine cell is an al fresco bar at The Shoppes level one, set against the stunning backdrop of Singapore's cityscape.

Focaccia and Olive Dip 4/5

Upon settling down and placing our Antipasto order, we were served warm Focaccia and Olive Dip.
The fluffy focaccia eaten with the olive dip was appetising.

Zuppa di Fungi Misti Olio al Tartufo e Foie Gras 3.8/5

The Mushroom Soup with Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Foie Gras ($18) was light and delicate. I did enjoyed the classic mushroom soup however lately I preferred mushroom soup to be more velvety with a slightly chunky finish.

Burrata con Pomodorini e Rucola 4.2/5

The Burrata con Pomodorini e Rucola ($28) is a salad served with the a whole fresh Mozzarella that was as big as a tennis ball. I simply enjoyed the direct nature flavours from the Italian Cherry Tomatoes, Wild Rocket and Mozzarella coming together.

Carpaccio di manzo, insalata e Parmigiano Reggiano 4.5/5

Carpaccio is a classic Italian dish dated back to 1950. The Carpaccio di manzo, insalata e Parmigiano Reggiano ($28) at Caffe B came with thinly pounded Angus Beef Tenderloin, topped with Rocket Salad, Sliced Mushrooms, Shaved Parmesan, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt Flakes & Black Pepper with a Mustard and Lemon Dressing. For a first timer having beef carpaccio, I was overwhelmed by how beautiful the dish turned out with the simplicity of ingredients all coming together.

Trio di Carpacci di Pesce 3.5/5

The Trio di Carpacci di Pesce ($26) is a platter of raw Red Snapper Fillet, Salmon Fillet and Tuna Fillet. The fish fillet itself can taste flat so the chef has created different toppings and dressing to lift the flavours. Tomato and Basil Concasse with Balsamic Dressing was paired with the Red Snapper Fillet, Carrot and Yellow Sweet Pepper Brunoise with Soya Dressing and topped with Caviar Pearls was paried with the Salmon Fillet. Lastly Orange and Grapefruit Marmalade and Lemon Dressing was paired with the Tuna Fillet. I can appreciate the used of flavours for the fish carpacci but I still like my raw fish the Japanese way in sashimi style with soy sauce and wasabi.

Millefoglie di Melanzane, Polpa di Granchio Avocado e Pomodorini Sichiliani 4.5/5

The Millefoglie di Melanzane, Polpa di Granchio Avocado e Pomodorini Sichiliani ($23) was beautiful both in sight and flavours. The Eggplant slices layered with Crab Meat Chunks and Avocado Cream served with orange and basil flavoured Piccadilly Sicilian Tomato had layers of textures and beautiful seafood flavour from the crab meat swimming in the mouth.

Al Nero di Seppia con Melanzane e Ricci di Mare 4.2/5

The Al Nero di Seppia con Melanzane e Ricci di Mare ($38) which is a Black Squid Ink Tonnarelli with Sea Urchin and Eggplant in a cream sauce. Tonnarelli is a type of square pasta spaghetti made with egg pasta. The generous serving of sea urchin with its sweetness coating the tonnarelli made the whole dish sings. The black squid ink was infused into the pasta flour hence one can enjoy the tonnarelli without fear of black stains on the teeth.

Risotto Porcini 4/5

The Risotto Porcini ($28) is another classic with Porcini Mushroom and "Mantecato" with butter and 24-month-aged Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese. This dish is authentically Italian with the use of Carnaroli Rice and Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese. The larger grain and more starchy carnaroli rice retained the shape better over arborio rice for a more textured dish while the parmigiano reggiano cheese creamed the rice giving it a pleasant fireworks on the tongue.

Al Ragu Bolognese 4.2/5

The Pappardelle with Wagyu Beef Bolognese topped with shaved parmesan or Al Ragu Bolognese ($28) felt like snow flakes from the shaved Parmesan snowing onto the freshly made pappardelle. Christmas has come early with this beautiful dish with carols fillng the air with each mouthful.

Al Granchio Appena Scottato e Pomodori Freschi 4/5

The plain looking Al Granchio Appena Scottato e Pomodori Freschi ($32) did not look appertising but surprisingly flavourful. The linguine with Soft Cooked Spanner Crab and Fresh Sicilian Tomatoes complemented each other while the Laudemio Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil gave that peppery finishing punch to the pasta dish.

All'aragosta del Nostro Vivaio 4/5

Tagliolini is traditional pasta fro Emilia-Romagna and Marches, regions of Italy. The long, flat ribbons shaped pasta has a porous and rough texture that has an enjoyable bite. Served with live Boston Lobster in a light Saffron Tomato sauce, the All'aragosta del Nostro Vivaio ($44) is a luxurious pasta dish.

Risotto Nero 4.2/5

The Risotto Nero ($35) marries the flavours of the sea with the Black Squid Ink coating the rice and served with fresh prawns and scallop in a yellow saffron sauce.

Ai Frutti di Mare 4/5

Ai Frutti di Mare ($45 per person) literally means fruit of the seas. Served in a huge plate, this is basically a feast of seafood. There were Scampi, Mussels, Clams, Prawns, Squid and Octopus in a fresh sicilian tomato sauce.

Astice alla Griglia con Insalata Aromatica e Salsa di Burro e Yuzu 4.2/5

The Astice alla Griglia con Insalata Aromatica e Salsa di Burro e Yuzu ($72) comes with huge grilled Love Boston Lobster served with a fresh salad and yuzu citrus butter sauce. The fresh lobster was grilled to perfection. It fat and firm lobster meat came off the shell with ease and it had a nice sweet flavour of the sea that came with an enjoyable crunchy texture.

Costina di Angnello Arrosto con Cariciofi e Olive Taggiasche Accompagnato da Radicchio Grigliato e Spuma Leggera al Gogonzola Dolce 4.2/5

This dish has an extremely long name  on the menu. It basically means Young Lamb Rack, Roasted with Artichoke and Liguria's "Taggiasche" Black Olive, Served with Grilled Italian "Radicchio" Lettuce drizzled with Light Sweet Gorgonzola Mousse ($43). The lamb rack was really beautiful and I appreciated how the chef approaches the meat. Nothing fancy just simple authentic Italian ingredients to bring out the natural flavour of the main.

Costata di Wagyu alla Griglia Verdure Tartufate e Scalogno Caramellato 4/5

Like the lamb rack, the Griled Wagyu Sirloin 180g ($65) with shallot confit and truffle vegetables was beautifully cooked. The sauce was not overpowering allowing one to enjoy the true nature flavour of the beef.

Filetto di Branzino 4.5/5

I really love the Filetto di Branzino ($43). This is probably the best Grilled Sea Bass Fillet I have eaten. Served with sauteed Baby Spinach and Purple Mashed Potato with Fennel and Orange Scent Drizzeled with Rosemary Citrus Butter Sauce. The sea bass was fresh and moist. The citrus sauce gave a nice zest to the whole dish.

Arista di Maialre Kurobuta, Mele Verdi e Aceto Balsamico di Modena Extra Vecchio 4.5/5

I never expect I would have the chance to taste Kurobuta Black Pork being regarded as the highest quality pork in the world. The Grilled Kurobuta Black Pork Loin ($43) served with green apples and 25 years aged Modena Balsamic Vinegar was something new and interesting for my palate. The firm yet not tough pork loin defintely won me over totally.

Crostatina di Nocciole Pienontest, Crema al Sake 3/5

The Piedmont Hazelnut Tart ($18) with Custard Cream Flavoured in Tahiti Vanilla and Japanese Sake is a light dessert with an interesting Japanese essence to it using Sake. The presentation was nice but messy to eat with as the custard cream is in liquid form.

Tiramisu 4.5/5

This is another first for me having Tiramisu ($18) served in layered biscuits soaked in espresso Coffee and Amaretto, topped with Fresh Mascarpone Cream. Each bite into the moist biscuit was welcomed with coffee aroma and coffee beans dancing on my taste buds. For me this is a BEST TRY.

Panna Cotta ai Mandarini Giapponesi, Salse di Frutta 3.8/5

The Panna Cotta literally translates as cooked cream in Italian. It is made by simmering together cream, milk and sugar mixed with gelatin and letting it cool until set. The softly set Yuzu Lemon Pudding ($18) were silky smooth and served with Fruits and Vanilla, Raspberry and Passionfruit sauce.

Sgroppino Maria Rosaria 4.5/5

The Italian Special Lemon Sorbet Made with Vodka and Prosecco Maria Rosaria Style ($18) was extremely lemony refreshing! Although Vodka was added, it wasn't overpowering. In fact, I couldn't even tell there was liquor in it.

4 of a Kind 3.5/5

The 4 of a Kind ($18 per glass) is an interesting cocktail with Rum, Frangelico, Butterscoth and Vanilla Ice Cream. The rum is a bit too strong for me. I would preferred it to be milder.

Caffe B
The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue
#B1-15 & 01-83
Singapore 018972
Tel: +65 68873311
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/caffeb.singapore
Website: http://www.caffeb.com.sg
Nearest MRT: Bayfront (CC Line, DT Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 11pm
Sun-Wed: 11am - 11pm
Thu-Sat & even of PH: 11am - till late

1) Alight at Bayfront MRT station: Exit and walk towards The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Journey time about 5 minutes.


  1. Lobster "came off the shell with ease.." of course lor, I'm the one who pluck for you all. You owe me! I demand you to pluck my prawns next time. heh heh heh.

    1. LOL I never forced you to order lobster :) but thank you.