Sunday, March 25, 2012

Seah Soon Teck Teochew Porridge (谢顺德潮洲粥) @ Changi Road


For Teochew porridge lover, Seah Soon Teck Teochew Porridge has moved from the West in Toh Guan to the East at Changi Road near Eunos.


Seah Soon Teck Teochew Porridge only opened recently at the new location along Changi Road since 1 March 2012. Their grand opening will be on 4 April 2012. For their opening promotion, they are giving $5 cash on the spot for every 3 stamps collected. Receive 1 stamp for every purchase of $20 & above.



Seah Soon Teck Teochew Porridge has been featured in several media and they are known for their Pig Trotter Aspic and Shark Meat Aspic. I have not known of Teochew porridge eatery selling these and I thought they are only available at restaurants.

Pig Trotter Aspic 4/5

I have only tried Pig Trotter Aspic or commonly known as Pig Trotter Jelly once and I don't enjoy it. However, the Pig Trotter Aspic ($5 and above) at Seah Soon Teck Teochew Porridge is vastly differently, refreshing and melts in the mouth. Unfortunately the Shark Meat Aspic was not available. The boss said that the Shark Meat today was not suitable to make the aspic and they rejected it. It shows how much the eatery insists on using the freshest ingredients.

Braised Pork Intestines 3/5

The intense dark colour of the Braised Pork Intestines ($4 and above) indicates long hours of simmering, was tender and flavourful. Unfortunately it was a bit gamy. If not it would be an excellent dish.

Stewed Cabbage 4/5

The Stewed Cabbage ($1 and above) is my favourite vegetable whenever I have my porridge. I enjoyed the natural sweetness of the cabbage with the soft texture.

Steamed Sotong 4.2/5

I was rather impressed with the Steamed Sotong ($3 to $5) which was very fresh. It was cooked to my likings neither too tough or mush, still having a crunchy texture.

Steamed Pomfret 4/5

You can have fresh Steamed Promfret ($5 and above) at the eatery. The Black Fish ($15 to $18) is also available but very limited stock. You can also request for your fish to be steamed on the spot upon ordering with an additional $3.

Homemade Fish Cake 4.5/5

The Homemade Fish Cake ($1 each) is a must try here. It has a very unique combination with pork being added. The texture was also very delightful with each bite into it.

Braised Duck 4.2/5

The Braised Duck Meat ($3 and above) was well simmered until it was fall of the bone tender meat. Another delightful dish offered at Seah Soon Teck Teochew Porridge.

The newly opened Teochew porridge is looking at introducing more seafood to the menu such as crab, lobster and crayfish 20% below market pricing in the near future. There are also plan to convert a section of the area into a beer garden.

Seah Soon Teck Teochew Porridge (谢顺德潮洲粥) @ Changi Road
283 Changi Road
Singapore 419762
Nearest MRT: Eunos (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am - 5am

Alight at Eunos MRT station. Take Exit C. Walk towards Sim Avenue East along the MRT line. Turn right into Kampong Eunos and walk to the end of the road. Seah Soon Tech Teochew Porridge is at the junction of K. Eunos and Changi Road. Journey time about 10 minutes.


  1. Hi!

    Its hard to find places selling Pig Trotter Aspic now.

  2. Dear Derrick,

    We apologized for the gamy intestine. We are using "ta chang tou" for this dish, the cleaning process for it is slightly more tedious. I have instructed the chef to take more care when processing the intestine to avoid a similar situation from happening again. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

    Seah Soon Teck Teochew Porridge

  3. The shop is now closed for good. Blog not updated.disappointing.

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for your feedback. As you may know I have been blogging since 2010. With 3 years of restaurants in my blog, I think it is quite impossible for me to update whether a restaurant has been closed.

      Thank you for your support and I need fellow supporters like you to keep me informed and updated.

  4. Hi there. I chanced upon a Coffeeshop which puts up Chinese newspaper clippings of SST Porridge in their signboard. Perhaps they could be opening there soon. Address of Coffeeshop: Blk 159 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. It will be interesting to know whether they bring back the pig trotter jelly. Do continue to support my blog and keep me update of interesting finds.