Saturday, March 24, 2012

What's in a food blogger's bag?

When Jacob from CookSnapEatLove wrote to me to do a guest post on what's in a food blogger's bag? I thought it will be interesting to share with my readers what is your my bag whenever I embarked on a food journey. Every Saturday, a different food blogger will do a guest post on his blog and share with readers what is in their bag?

Crumpler Karachi Outpost (S)

I use a Crumpler Karachi Outpost backpack to carry my camera and other stuffs. The Crumpler Karachi Outpost comes in 3 sizes and I bought the smallest. It is actually a camera and laptop bag. It can hold a 13" laptop with fully configurable and removeable padded laptop and main compartments.

The bag was quite an expensive investment for me. I think I spent $215 on it after 10% credit card discount. It was love at first sight but I didn't buy it immediately. I gave myself a couple of weeks to look for other cheaper alternatives before going back to the shop to get it.

Canon 600D Kit II (EF S18-135IS)

When I started my blog, I was using my Iphone 3GS and compact Canon IXUS 120IS digital camera to shoot my photos. It was 4 months ago that I decided to "go to the dark side" and invested in a DSLR camera. I got myself a basic DSLR camera, the Canon 600D with Kit II (EF S18-135IS). Initially I was afraid to handle the complicated equipment and I was clueless what to do with it. With the guidance and help from fellow foodies especially Maureen from MissTamChiak, I felt more comfortable in handling the equipment.

Lately I have been thinking of getting a flash and a macro lens. Unfortunately all these do not come cheap. I wonder if any Santa Claus out there is reading this blog post? I promised to be a good boy this year :P

Iphone 3GS, Iphone Charger and Umbrella

The Iphone is probably one of the greatest inventions of all the time. It is like a compact mobile computer that keeps me connected at all times beside the normal call function. My Iphone 3GS keeps me connected on social media and I am frequently on Twitter, Path, Instagram and Foursquare. It is also my navigator, helping me to get from one place to another. It doubles up as my notepad too. I used it to note down my food experience when I visit a restaurant/cafe/stall.

Everyone who owns an Iphone will know the Iphone battery would not last you for the whole day. Whenever I know I will be out for the whole day, I will bring the Iphone Charger along.

Who says man does not carry Umbrella? This is a must in my bag. After all, a few thousand dollars worth of equipments are in the bag. I don't want to be sorry later knowing the unpredictable Singapore weather.

Crumpler recycle bag, Threadless T-shirt, Towel

Singapore weather can be quite extreme and it can get pretty hot and humid too. I do perspire quite easily and it is not nice to attend a food tasting invite when I am soaked in perspiration. Hence I usually carry a towel to clean myself up and a Threadless T-shirt to change into. Threadless is an online T-shirt shop that I got to know last year. Since then, I have been buying my tees from the online shop.

The towel and Threadless Tee is packed into the Crumpler recycle bag and put inside my Crumpler Karachi Outpost backpack. The Crumpler recycle bag comes handy when food tasting invites give away freebies.

I hope you enjoy reading this post. That is what I usually have in my bag when I go to check out food places. I look forward to reading what is the bag of the next food blogger being featured.  Since then if we do across path on the street, do come up and say Hi.

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