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The Hainan Story (海南宝) @ Hillion Mall - 5 Hainanese Brands Under One Roof, Including Ah Chiang's Porridge, Wee Nam Kee And Newspaper Curry Rice


The Hainan Story on a Saturday afternoon was bustling with diners. I see the reason for their popularity, as they have a huge variety of food and offer very family-friendly options.

What is unique about the restaurant's branch here in Hillion Mall is that it houses five different Hainanese brands under one space. These include the renowned Ah Chiang's Porridge, Wee Nam Kee and Newspaper Curry Rice. The space was renovated to look like a vibrantly decorated mini coffeeshop.

Local Beverages

You will find a full list of the familiar local offerings on the beverage menu. We had our usual Kopi and Teh, decently fragrant though a tad sweet.

1980’s Hainanese Pork Cutlet Coated with Potato Chip Crumbs 4/5

On the Western menu by Uncle Robert Hainanese Western & BBQ, we had the traditional 1980's Hainanese Pork Cutlet Coated with Potato Chip Crumbs ($16.80). The BBQ sauce leans sweeter than we'd like, but the crunch on the cutlet was good. We saw several younger diners enjoying this. Other options from the Western menu include pasta, fish and chips and a kids menu.

Mama Wee Curry Chicken Drumstick Set 4.5/5

Newspaper Curry Rice's Mama Wee Curry Chicken Drumstick Set ($9.80) was easily our top favourite of our meal here. The curry here may be different from your liking if you prefer thicker and more lemak renditions, but I loved how this carried a lighter consistency and was superbly fragrant.

My dining companions and I thought this was value for money too. A portion has steamed rice, omelette, sambal tempeh, prawn crackers, drumstick and a side of additive lotus root and brinjal. The accompanying sambal belacan packed a good punch too.

Ah Chiang Mix Porridge Set 4/5

From Ah Chiang's Porridge, we had the Mix Porridge Set: Pork Ball & Sliced Meat ($9.80), which came with half a youtiao. I don't eat porridge that much, but my dining companion, who does, enjoyed this bowl.

The porridge was sufficiently smooth and thick, with a generous amount of tender pork and pork balls. Porridge options here are categorised into pork, batang fish and century egg.

Steamed Chicken Drumstick Rice 3.8/5

Wee Nam Kee's Steamed Chicken Drumstick Rice ($7.10) came complete with a bowl of soup and the classic condiments of chilli, dark soy and ginger sauce. While the chicken meat was tender and succulent, the rice could be much more fragrant.

Laksa with Hainanese Steamed Chicken 3.8/5

If you have laksa cravings, the Laksa with Hainanese Steamed Chicken ($9.80) is a decent option. It is pricier, however, served with steamed chicken, crispy pork skin, fish cake, hard-boiled egg and tau pok.

High-Tea Special 3.5/5

I never expected to see a three-tiered High-Tea Special ($34.80) on the menu! On the base, it features an assortment of fried items such as chicken wings, prawns, fries and ngoh hiang. The middle tier has kaya toast and the traditional Hainanese kueh, Yi Bua. Finally, on top, there are cookies and the eatery's popular mini swiss rolls (orh nee, ondeh ondeh). The set comes inclusive of two drinks.

The two bottom tiers were, unfortunately, average. Our unanimous preferred item was the mini swiss rolls which you can purchase in individual pieces from their bakery.


Speaking about the bakery, do make sure to take a look. The small space is built in the same area as the eatery, accessible from the dining space or from the exterior of Hillion Mall.

Breads were constantly freshly baked, leaving a lovely aroma in the space. We bagged home several recommendations, the Char Siew Bolo ($3.80), Yam Floss Bun ($2.20) and Curry Chicken Polo Bolo ($3.80). All three were fresh and fluffy but could do with slightly more filling.

Photos and words by Jo. A girl who loves her Mala (麻辣) at Da La (大辣), discovering hidden food gems and a good cup of matcha latte. Note: This is an invited tasting.

The Hainan Story
Hillion Mall
17 Petir Road
Singapore 678278
Tel: +65 69708191
Nearest MRT: Bukit Panjang (DT Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 730am – 930pm

1) Alight at Bukit Panjang MRT station. Take Exit A2. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

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