Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Yi Qian Private Dining @ Leng Kee Road - Hidden Restaurant Within A Business Centre, Serving Fine Cantonese And Teochew Fare


Yi Qian Private Dining is a new Chinese restaurant hidden within a nondescript business centre. Helming the kitchen is Chef Raymond, who has years of experience working at Golden Palace Singapore and Lei Garden Restaurant Hong Kong. The restaurant has an extensive menu ranging from Cantonese to Teochew Fare. Customers can even customise their menu upon the advance request of 3 days.

Crispy Prawn Fritters 4/5

A great appetiser to kick start the meal is the Crispy Prawn Fritter ($9.80). The thinly sliced prawn fritters are crispy and topped with sweet sakura prawns, deep-fried to golden perfection.

Stir-fried Shark Fin with Crabmeat served with Superior Stock in Teapot 3.8/5

A signature at Yi Qian is their Stir-fried Shark Fin with Crabmeat served with Superior Stock in Teapot ($68). It is a 2-part dish whereby the shark fin is separated from the superior stock. To enjoy the dish, have a bite of the shark fin and sip the superior soup brewed for over 6 hours using old chicken bones and ham.

Teochew Crispy Yam & Prawn Omelette 4.2/5

The Teochew Crispy Yam & Prawn Omelette ($24) comes in a disc shape, generously studded with hearty yam wedges and fresh prawns. I love the crispy and fluffiness accentuated by the flavourful yam.


Pig's Stomach and Chicken in Pepper Soup 4.2/5

The Pig's Stomach and Chicken in Pepper Soup ($108) requires pre-order at least one day in advance. A whole kampong chicken is wrapped in a pig's stomach and boiled in a white pepper soup. It is a pot of nourishing soup boiled for 4 hours under high heat with a myriad of spices.

Sizzling Kai Lan in Claypot 4.2/5

Nowadays, restaurants like to serve their vegetables in claypot, such as the Sizzling Kai Lan in Claypot ($22). They are stir-fried with belachan and shrimps. It's simple yet irresistibly mouth-watering, with the kailan retaining a delectable crunch.

Wok Hei Fried Kway Teow with Diced Kai Lan and Preserved Radish 4/5

A staple Teochew dish is the Wok Hei Fried Kway Teow with Diced Kai Lan and Preserved Radish ($18). The flat rice noodles are tossed in a hot wok with crunchy preserved radish, kailan and shrimps, infused with the wok's breath for a smokey finish.

Sugar Encrusted Deep Fried Yam Sticks 4.5/5

Surprisingly, my favourite item is the Sugar Encrusted Deep Fried Yam Sticks ($20). It is the best version I have eaten so far. It has a sweet layer of sugar coating with an exterior crisp, followed by a soft and moist interior packed with the beautiful yam flavour.

While I see a glimpse of excellence in some dishes, there are misses too. I felt I had not tried the best of the restaurant yet. I probably have to return to try more of his dishes to get a final verdict.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Yi Qian Private Dining
Thye Hong Centre
2 Leng Kee Road
Singapore 159086
Tel: +65 65136377
Nearest MRT: Redhill (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 1130am - 3pm, 6pm - 1030pm

1) Alight at Redhill MRT station. Take Exit A. Turn right and walk down Tiong Bahru Road. Continue onto Leng Kee Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]


  1. Had a most dissppointing teochew food yesterday in the west .Paid over 500/- for 7 of us and had1) anorexic cold crab 2)covid looking Peking duck( like overnight with damp wraps and3)pneumonia pig stomach soup smells and not enough pepper 4) stale saltishsteam soon hock.

    Will try this restaurant n hope the food quality is good and fresh !