Saturday, November 2, 2019

Goodwood Park Hotel Christmas 2019 - A Merry Whimsical Christmas


Christmas is just around the corner, and it is the time to feast again, For this Christmas, Goodwood Park Hotel presents an enchanting selection of festive sweets and new savoury treats.

Roasted Pandan Scented Turkey with Mantou Kaya Nibbles & Housemade Chilli

Goodwood Park is known of its Asian-inspired Yuletide fare, and for this year it has created the Roasted Pandan Scented Turkey with Mantou Kaya Nibbles & Housemade Chilli ($238). The turkey is steeped in honey marinade and fresh pandan extract and slow-roasted to perfection. The result is a succulent roasted bird with a subtle aroma of pandan on top of the natural honey sweetness. It comes with sweet-savoury mantou kaya nibbles stuffing consists of sauteed shallots, shiitake mushrooms, and mantou filled with luscious kaya.

Pan-fried Turkey and Chive Gyoza

Turkey Mantou Slider

Great accompaniments for the festive feasting is the Pan-fried Turkey and Chive Gyoza ($24 for 10pc) and Turkey Mantou Slider ($36 for 6pc / $58 for 10pc). The gyoza is encased with a generous filling of turkey melded with chopped chives and pan-fried to a delightfully crispy exterior. The turkey mantou sliders are inspired by the local Kong Bak Bao. Sandwiched in between golden bun are the tender braised turkey, yam and pickled white onion.

Crystal Glacier Log Cake 

On the sweet treats, Goodwood Park Hotel brought the winter wonderland to this year's Christmas celebration. The Crystal Glacier Log Cake ($82 for 1kg) is a delicate almond sponge cake with mascarpone, apple mousse and lingonberries, sitting on a base of milk chocolate hazelnut fudge. The cake is beautifully glazed with white chocolate and decorated with pastel milk chocolate shards.

Whimsical Fairy Cake

The magic of Christmas continues with the Whimsical Fairy Cake ($65 for 1kg). The enchanting cake features a butter cake sandwiched in strawberry jam, decorated with a graceful pink fairy, butterflies and lolly candies.

Merry Cubes 

The Merry Cubes ($88 for 1 Set) is a playful cake among the collection. The three tiers of sweet treats come in different coloured petite cake, shaped in little cubes. The different colours represent 6 different flavours - strawberry, orange, blueberry, lychee, mango and green tea.


Takeaway gourmet treats will be available at The Deli from 1 to 26 December 2019. Advance orders of five days are required, and guests may visit The Deli from 9am to 9pm daily to place their takeaway orders. Alternatively, guests may contact the Christmas Call Centre at (65) 6730 1867 / 68 from 10am to 6pm daily, email, or visit from 1 December 2019 to place their online orders. Last order date is 19 December 2019, 12pm.

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