Saturday, November 9, 2019

Flaming Chicken Pot (雞煲火鍋) @ Yishun Street 72 - Unique Chicken Pot Plus Hotpot Concept


Having explored the East and West in our previous meetups, the foodie gang decided to go to the North in our recent catch-up. We decided to check out Flaming Chicken Pot (雞煲火鍋) at Yishun Street 72. The unique concept combines both chicken pot and hotpot, which the founders took a year to perfect the recipe before opening the stall.


Flaming Chicken Pot offers two types of chicken pot on their menu - Black Pot and White Pot. They come in 3 sizes - Single Pot ($9.80), Half Chicken ($28) and Full Chicken ($38). It also has a $58 set menu whereby customers get a half chicken black pot and white pot, with 3 choices of meat items and another 3 choices of vegetable items. For our visit, we ordered a whole chicken black pot as well as a whole chicken white pot.

White Pot 4/5


Our half chicken white pot comes with ingredients such as tender chicken pieces, pig stomach and red dates. The soup base tasted somewhat like a mixture of pig stomach and chicken soup, a sweet version of the usual peppery pig stomach soup.

Black Pot 4.2/5

The black pot is more towards the dry version, similar to gong bao chicken sauce. Premium Moutai wine is added to the pot and set ablaze at the table before marinated chicken pieces are added to cook together in the pot. It is quite a spectacular sight. However, we didn't really taste the moutai. What we tasted was a savoury, and rich sauce that goes well with a bowl of steamed rice. It is a bit spicy, though.



I mentioned earlier that Flaming Chicken Pot is a unique concept combining chicken pot and hotpot because you can also order ala carte ingredients to have it like a hotpot. From the meat section, we picked sliced dory fish, handmade beef meatballs, handmade pork meatballs, pork belly slices, premium beef slices and prawn paste. As for the vegetables, we had tang-o, cabbage, black fungus, enoki mushroom, tofu and lotus root.


I was told that the stall has limited portion each day. Hence it is better to call and make a reservation to avoid disappointment.

Flaming Chicken Pot (雞煲火鍋)
Hiap Hoe Eating House
Blk 747 Yishun Street 72
Singapore 760747
Tel: +65 88148151
Nearest MRT: Yishun (NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 5pm - 11pm
Sat-Sun, PH: 11am - 11pm

1) Alight at Yishun MRT station. Take Exit D. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

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