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Niku Kappo @ ION Orchard - Dine In Style Without Breaking The Bank


Niku Kappo is a Japanese beef and sake restaurant located at ION Orchard. The restaurant which hails from Tsukiji, offers Japanese Kappo style cuisine, focuses on good beef, ranging from sushi to skewers to tendon bowls and more. Kappo means cut and cook in Japanese is a traditional way of preparing Japanese cuisine.

Pakuchi Tempura 3.5/5

While waiting for the mains, you may want to start with the Pakuchi Tempura ($6.90). Lightly coated with tempura batter, it gives the coriander an enjoyable crispy texture. For those that does not like the taste of coriander, it is quite subtle. Personally I prefer the distinct flavour of the coriander to stand up more.

Tori Kushi Mori 4.2/5

Grilled to a delectable tender bite is the Tori Kushi Mori ($19.90). What is unique is the topping on the chicken skewers. The flavours are miso, citrus, sesame, vinegar & tartar and teriyaki sauce. There is also beef version, Wagyu Kushu Mori ($39.90) which comes in an assortment of grated radish & ponzu sauce, edo sweet miso, homemade steak sauce wasabi and saikyo miso.

Tokusen Niku Sushi Mori 8 Kinds 3/5

Usually we have sushi with seafood but how about beef? The Tokusen Niku Sushi Mori 8 Kinds ($38.90) comes with sliced wagyu beef topped with a premium mix of ingredients such as uni, truffle and foie gras. Unfortunately we find the beef on the tough side, which didn't quite go well with the ratio of sushi rice.

Sukiyaki Sushi 4/5

Compared with the tokusen niku sushi mori, I prefer the Sukiyaki Sushi ($19.90) more. The beef is wrapped around some sushi rice and then blow torched. The aburi beef slices are more tender with the right proportion of sushi rice.

Time Bomb Maguro 4/5

It is not just about beef at Niku Kappo, it has a variety of other seafood items such as the Time Bomb Maguro ($9.90). The tuna cubes are blow torched and cooked by the fire underneath, giving it a hint of smokiness.

Iced Tako Wasabi 3/5

I didn't quite enjoy the Iced Tako Wasabi ($9.90). I find the sliced octopus too chilled and bland in taste. However I have to say the wasabi is really pungent.

Niku Tendon 4/5

Unatama Don 4.2/5

For those that just need a quick meal, you can go for the Niku Tendon ($12.90) and Unatama Don ($18.90). These rice bowls come with delicious ingredients atop the warm bed of rice. Given a choice, I would go for the unatama don for that bed of scrambled egg sauce which just look so appetising and goes so well with the rice.


Yaki Tetsu Ebi Style 4/5

A signature at Niku Kappo is their Yaki Tetsu Ebi Style ($28.90/$35.90 per pax). It has an order of minimum 2 pax. The ebi style uses the sweet miso sauce which the server will cook the beef and other ingredients at table side. This is really rich and suitable for those that has a heavy palate. There is also a lighter version, Kobe Style that replaces the sweet miso sauce with foie gras sauce. I prefer the later that the lighter sauce allows me to appreciate the flavour of the beef
Also Kobe style.

Yaki Testsu Sukiyaki Style 4.5/5

A newly launch dish at Niku Kappo is the Yaki Testsu Sukiyaki Style ($26.90 per pax) with minimum order for 2 pax. This is the traditional sukiyaki with Japanese beef wagyu slices, vegetables, tofu and gluten slices (ofu). Similar to having hotpot, all the ingredients are cooked in a sukiyaki sauce, that seems to bring out the flavours even more. I can see why this is getting popular even though it is only recently launched.

Mt Fuji Nabe 4/5

Standing towering tall is the Mt Fuji Nabe ($20.90). It is quite majestic having the beef slices rolled up into a tower. Diners have a choice of beef, pork or a combination of both. If you are not a fan of beansprouts, then you may want to skip this. A whole tower of beansprouts is wrapped inside the meat to form the tower.

Strawberry Ice Brulee with Snow 3/5

Last but at least we have the Strawberry Ice Brulee with Snow ($5.90) to wrap up the dinner. A decent dessert to end the meal on a sweet note.

Apart from the wide variety of food items on the menu, Niku Kappo also provides an extensive alcohol menu for pairing with the food. Customers can select from more than 50 different kinds of Sake and Shochu specially imported from Japan at friendly prices.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Niku Kappo
ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801
Tel: +65 65099366
Nearest MRT: Orchard (NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 1130am - 10pm

1) Alight at Orchard MRT station. Take Exit E. Walk to destination. Journey time about 3 minutes. [Map]

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