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Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe @ Wheelock Place - Launches Latest 2018 Grand Menu


Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe at Wheelock changes its menu almost every year and has recently launched its latest 2018 menu, curated by Executive Chef Mr Toshio Sawai. Expect new highlights and creative takes on all-time favourites.


As one of the earliest Japanese establishments in Singapore in 2005, Sun with MooN has taught us how to appreciate certain traditional Japanese food that we are not familiar with. And even now, some of the dishes are kept as such, such as this Gyu tan Ishiyaki ($13.80).

Zensai Mori 3/5

Zensai Mori ($16.80) is a platter of 7 chef-curated appetizers, created perhaps with the intention to accompany your sake or beer. All the items have been marinated to intensify the taste. I quite like the savoury bacon-like grilled pork belly and the crabmeat and asparagus with mentai sauce in the middle. I thought the unagi with cream cheese is interesting, though some think otherwise. As the items are more highly flavoured than usual, pickled radish with yuzu and herring roe helps to clean the palate in between bites.

Temari Sushi 2.8/5

I prefer the Zensai Mori a lot more to its latest Temari Sushi ($23.80), which is a platter of sushi but in bite-sized mini rice balls with toppings. Despite the seemingly succulent toppings such as fresh scallop, yellowtail, swordfish, salmon belly, there is not much motivation for me to order this dish.

Kamameshi 3.8/5

Experience the traditional Kamameshi with a new appreciation. This rice dish is cooked in an iron pot called kama and here you will have it served to you in the iron pot, alongside with teapot soup. There are 2 new renditions - Niku Atsu Hotate & Unagi Kamameshi ($26.80) and Premium Seafood Kamameshi ($35.80). The latter is a lot more umami but if you ain't a fan of oyster, then the first would be a much better choice, especially when the flame-seared scallops gives so much texture and flavor to the rice. Eating straight out of the kama is the best, as for me, I get to dig the slightly burnt rice at the bottom and sides. The Japanese rice was plump and pearly, which made it very satisfying when I had it with the soup broth at the end.

Beef Miso Dare Sukiyaki 3.5/5

If that's not enough to warm you up, this piping hot Beef Miso Dare Sukiyaki ($25.80) will do the deed. Made with Executive Chef Sawai’s original miso dare blend with hatcho (soybean) miso from Okazaki in Aichi Prefecture, there is a balance of flavor, without being too overly sweet. Chef Sawai is thoughtful to choose diced US Ribeye beef cubes over standard sliced beef to retain the flavours of the beef longer.

Sun Chirashi Don Set 3/5

Sun Chirashi ($35.80) is the special rice don here, luxurious with premium sashimi such as medium fatty tuna, and scallops. Still, I feel it can't beat the comforting Kamameshi.

Steak Moriawase 3/5

Steak Moriawase ($45.80) is good for sharing, offering a combination of Japanese Wagyu, US Tenderloin and pork steak (300g). We had the steaks with red wine and goma mustard sauce, both are Sun with Moon original sauce blends. The sauces complement the meats well. However, with many other better items to choose from, this is not bang for the buck.

Dessert Trio 3.8/5

The desserts here are highly recommended. Dessert Trio ($9.80) allows you to have the Tofu Cheesecake, Matcha Ice Cream and Kuiroguma Pudding. All are superb, especially the wobbly black sesame pudding, you might end up having to fight for all three!

Umeshu Sampler (tasting portion)

The variety of sakes, wines, and spirits here are selected by in-house sommelier Mr. Daisuke Shibuya. The Umeshu Sampler, a tasting menu of umeshu allows you to sip flavours from different regions of Japan. Starting from Fukui Region, we travelled down to the Hokkaido Region, Kishu Region and back at Fukui Region with a spicy note. The Shiso-umeshu seems to be the most popular with that extra peppery flavor. Not many could accept the spicy Hannya Tou but it is also that heat that engages.


Compared to some contemporary Japanese dining places which have completely lost their identity, I feel Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Café still manages to capture a level of authenticity in its latest menu.

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Photos and words by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe
Wheelock Place
501 Wheelock Place
Singapore 238880
Tel: +65 67336636
Nearest MRT: Orchard (NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am - 930pm

1) Alight at Orchard MRT station. Take exit E. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

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