Saturday, June 4, 2016

Teppan Bar Q @ Robinson Walk - Contemporary Teppanyaki Restaurant with Spanish Influence


From the same folk behind Torikin in Bukit Timah, the Ishida Kikaku Group opens its second restaurant in Singapore at Robertson Walk. Teppan Bar Q  is a contemporary teppanyaki restaurant with Spanish influence. Teppan Bar Q offers a convivial setting serving authentic Hakata Teppanyaki dishes.

Roasted Hakata Mentai 3.8/5

A Hakata specialty is the Roasted Mentai ($12.90) that is specially flown in from Hakata. It is first roasted on the grill before being sliced into nuggets. Traditionally it is eaten together with rice but at Teppan Bar Q, it is best paired with a few drinks of sake to go with the burst of full bodied flavour. I find it a bit salty to have it on its own. It needed more balance to it.

Octopus Galician Style 3.8/5

Offering a Spanish tapas twist to the Japanese teppanyaki is the Octopus Galician Style ($13.90). The octopus is rest on a bed of Japanese potato, dressed in olive oil, capsium powder and topped with spring onion. While my friend thought that the octopus was average, I find the combination of the potato and octopus interesting. It is combo that I have not eaten before and neither ingredients stole the limelight from each other.

Foie Gras with Daikon 4.2/5

One of my favourite dish is the Foie Gras with Daikon ($26.80). Yet another glimpse into Chef Kyota Ishida culinary experience infusing both French and Japanese ingredients. I have never thought that the subtle daikon flavour complements the rich creamy foie gras excellently.

Tonpei Yaki with Rice Cake & Cheese 3.8/5

A signature at Teppan Bar Q is the Tonpei Yaki. It is the dish that kick start the group from one restaurant to the current chain of restaurants in Japan and now Singapore. Sitting at the counter, I witnessed the numerous steps needed to prepare the Tonpei Yaki with Rice Cake & Cheese ($25.90). The batter is layered with cabbage, rice cake, bacon, cheese and egg, and topped with homemade plum infused soymilk mayonnaise. While I like the multi textural enjoyments, I thought it needed more of the sauce to lift the flavour.


Steak 4.2/5

The finale has to the US Angus Ribeye Steak ($58.90 for 200g). The beautiful piece of steak is grilled to perfect accompanied with 3 different dipping sauces. I prefer the simplicity of enjoying the beef with the garlic together or just a dip with the soy and wasabi sauce. I felt that the other 2 sauces, sesame sauce and the sauce that made up from a concoction of onion, garlic and ginger are too heavy for appreciation the natural flavour of the beef.

Garlic Fried Rice 4/5

A satisfying closure to the dinner is the comforting Garlic Fried Rice ($12.90). Beside frying the rice with garlic, I also noticed the chef added in the unwanted fatty portion of the steak with was sliced off from our previous dish to further perfumed the fragrant rice.

Vanilla Ice Cream Kinako 4/5

Wrapping up the dinner is the Vanilla Ice Cream Kinako ($6.90). The combination of rich and creamy vanilla ice cream with the kinako powder and brown sugar syrup, provides a smoothing finish to a wonderful dinner.

Teppan Bar Q carries a wide selection of wines from Spain and Japan, private label Sakes, fruit liqueurs, cocktails and beers. Besides the ala carte dishes, it also offers set course menu starting from $60 to $100.

Teppan Bar Q
Robertson Walk
11 Unity Street
Singapore 237995
Tel: +65 62350629
Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay

Opening Hours:
Daily: 6pm - 12midnight

1) Alight at Clarke Quay MRT station. Take Exit E. Walk to bus stop at Clark Quay Station (Stop ID 04222). Take bus number 54. Alight 3 stops later. Walk to the end UE Square Shopping Mall. Turn right onto Unity Street. Walk towards Mohamed Sultan Road and turn left. Walk to destination. Journey time about 10 minutes.  [Map]

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