Friday, December 11, 2015

Future of us @ 2am:Dessert bar


After a year of events to commemorate our 50th birthday- reminiscing the past, celebrating the presence, it is now time to look at our future. ‘The Future of Us’, a sensory exhibition that offers Singaporeans an immersive experience of how we may live, work, learn and care in the future. It is the capstone event to round up Singapore’s SG50 year of celebrations.

Choc sculpture

How do we live? Food, water, air etc. Food, in many first world countries, has very much transcended its basic function as a necessity of life. It has taken on several new identities by the works of today’s civilisation. For example, how our common love for food strings us together. That love and passion are often manifested in the gastronomic innovations around us. So in what directions these creations are going to go? We have Chef Janice Wong, our very own pastry queen from 2am:Dessert Bar to share her take on that.


Desserts innovations is something on which 2am:Dessert Bar has made its name. I wasn’t surprised that Chef Janice Wong was being selected to hold this dialogue for Future of Us. When I walked in, I was taken to a table with a few mini scultupes. Not your usual clay, but they were all made of chocolates! And painted with chocolates too! 100% edible sculptures.


Later on I learnt that these chocolate blocks are about 3D Printing. So simply let the machine do the job. If not, there will never be enough manpower and cash to produce that Boxes of Chocolates bestowed to us, so beautifully shaped and painted into their respective 4 flavors (Rose orange blossom, Gula Melaka, Praline poprocks, Salted Caramel). I managed to get hold of 2 flavours, sadly… Because they were really yummy.

mocktail with edible lid

We were also given a very refreshing Citrus Mocktail with a Cassis blackcurrant paper lid, made entirely with 120g of berries. It's really all about innovation.

tapioca chips w cheese

Throughout the talk, we were given some finger food and beverages to highlight the salient points. For example, with globalisation and high social mobility, we have migration of food. Scallion Pancake (Chinese Prata) and Tapioca pearl chips and cheese was served. Fusion food is common in Singapore, like your most recent Asian Tapas, and more are expected to come.

chinese pancake - prata

She also touched on GMO food, which is becoming more and more prevalent. After our hunger has been fulfilled, we have other greater desires. No longer just a technique to develop stronger and healthier food, we can now even use it to enjoy USA Seedless Grapes, which many ate it with the relief that they need not worry about disposing the seeds after that.


Our need for Speed leads to Meal in a cup.The Green juice served to us was yummy for sure, but I hope I won’t resort to that too often.

mashmallow painting

Chef Janice also showcased her Marshmallow Painting, which was recently exhibited in Affordable Art. Going around the table to Feed the masses was the point that Chef Janice wanted to make. I thought this was interesting. Something that is so intangible could be made edible, with smell and taste.

enzymes choc

Then we talked about Confectionery and Health. Food trend changes, perhaps due to our changing preferences over the years or subconsciously we have been influenced by the foodscape around us. Evidently, health is the focus right now, and we always see sugar as the main culprit, even replacement sugars has its implications. Enzyme, may be one of the alternatives in future. The Enzyme Lego Chocolates tasted so delicious. No funny aftertaste like what sweeteners do to our tastebuds. The same goes for the Enzyme Brownie on chocolate soil, there was no compromise to the taste at all. Even Enzyme Cocktail is possible.

enzyme brownie

As a souvenir, we each got to bring back a 76% dark Chocolate Surprise balls. Food as toys? Not something that I would like to advocate, but it all depends on the users.

cocktail with enzyme ball

Some insights to learn, there will be 2 more sessions with Chef Janice Wong that is completely free and open to the public (tickets are not required). Chef Janice will prepare 3 items for tasting each session

Title: The Future of Food
Venue: The Market Place (near the Future of Us Exhibition)
Date: 19 Dec 7-8pm
Date: 20 Dec 8-9pm

Photograph and written by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food.

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