Monday, August 10, 2015

Sin Ming Roti Prata @ Sin Ming Road (Upper Thomson Road)


Roti prata is another popular local dish that can be eaten around the clock. For me roti prata is usually eaten for breakfast or supper. Of the many roti prata stalls around the island, one of the more popular one is Sin Ming Roti Prata.

Plain and Egg Roti Prata 4.2/5

My usual order is always a Plain and Egg Roti Prata to go with the curry sauce. The prata here is the fluffy type with a slight crispiness on the exterior where you get to enjoy chewing the dough. The accompanying curry gravy has a nice aroma of spices too.

Coin Prata 3.5/5

Coin Prata 3.5/5

Not commonly sold at other roti prata stalls is the Coin Prata. The round shaped coin prata is thicker and crispier. Unless you enjoy the chewiness of the dough, sort of like eating bread, then you would probably like it.

Beehoon Goreng 3/5

The stall does not only sell roti prata. It also sells a variety of other rice and cooked dishes. On top of the roti prata and coin prata, I also ordered an extra plate of BeeHoon Goreng with a fried egg to try. It was nice but did not wow me.

Overall I would recommend going back for their roti prata. For the coin prata, it is rather subjective. It depends whether you like a more doughy and chewy texture.

Sin Ming Roti Prata
Jin Fa Kopitiam
Blk 24 Sin Ming Road
Singapore 570024
Tel: +65 64533893
Nearest MRT: Marymount (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 6am - 7pm

1) Alight at Marymount MRT station. Take Exit A. Cut through Shunfu estate and walk towards Thomson Community Club. Continue walking down Upper Thomson Road until Sin Ming Road. Turn right onto Sin Ming Road. Continue walk down Sin Min Road to block 24. Walk to destination. Journey time about 18 minutes. [Map]

2) Alight at Marymount MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to the Bus Stop opposite Shunfu Estate (ID 53021). Take Bus No. 130 and alight one stop later. Walk to destination. Journey about 10 mins. [Map]

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