Tuesday, August 11, 2015

PopGal Popcorns - The Premium Quality Gourmet Popcorn


PopGal popcorn is the latest product from DailyFresh Malaysia and it can be purchased at online grocery site, Red Mart as well as Cheers convenient outlets. PopGal popcorn is premium quality gourmet popcorn using non-GMO mushroom popcorn kernels, giving it a round big pop which is perfect for evenly coating. The popcorns come in variety of flavours such as Caramel, Black Sesame, Honey Dew, Spicy Curry and Seaweed are available in two different sizes at $3.30 (small) and $4.80 (big).

Caramel Popcorn

The premium popcorn is popped evenly without cooking oil added by using the specially imported hot air popper from United States. This makes it a low fat and calories, healthy snack without compromising its taste.

Caramel Popcorn

The Caramel Popcorn is my favourite with the caramel sugar coated around the popped kernel. These popping good snack is perfect for everyone in the family and for varies occasions such as party, family gathering and/or movie/tv watch.

Seaweed, Spicy Curry and Honey Dew Popcorn

The other unique flavours I got to try are Seaweed, Spicy Curry and Honey Dew popcorns. Tossed in Japan seaweed powder, the Seaweed Popcorn is an interesting and somewhat acquire experience. If you like spicy stuff, the Spicy Curry Popcorn is a genius creation. The fruity Honey Dew Popcorn creation is another favourite of mine. The fruity sweetness and crispy texture seems to complement each other well.


What I like about PopGal Popcorn is not only their unique flavour creations but also the thought behind the container. The container is air tight and it can be easily sealed back for the unfinished snack, to ensure the freshness for the next consumption.

PopGal Popcorns came be easily purchase at the following places,
Cheers convenient stores outlets across the island or
Online Grocery Site, Red Mart.

*This post is brought to you by PopGal

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