Monday, April 13, 2015

Spinacas - Hearty Salad Delivery


Hearty salad delivered to your doorsteps. Spinacas is the latest delivery service started by Phyllis zipping around the roads in Singapore with her little red vespa.


Today I am trying Morrocan Spiced Chicken Salad which consists of baby spinach and chicken cubes marinated for 12 hours with fiery Middle Eastern spice blend and sauteed to juicy perfection. It is topped with honey cherry tomatoes, broccoli, hard boiled egg, cheddar cheese, nuts and grapes, dressed in extra virgin oil, salt & pepper.

Morrocan Spiced Chicken Salad 4.5/5

I like the fact that the dressing and sauteed chicken are packed separately. Eating healthy does not mean just piles of greens. Paired with the spicy Morrocan chicken, this has made salad eating for fun and delicious.


Currently on the delivery menu, there are seven delectable and healthy salads such as the Chilli Con Carne (beef) Salad, Honey Soy Chicken Salad, Vegetarian Tofu Patties Salad, Vegetarian Ratatouille Salad, Homemade Pork Balls Salad, BBQ Pulled Pork Salad and the Morrocan Spiced Chicken Salad which I tried. These salads start from $9 with options of add ons at extra cost.

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Tel: +65 97707039