Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bakerzin Mooncakes 2014


Bakerzin well known for its dessert cafes around the island has launched a new collection of snow skin mooncake ranges fro the Mid Autumn celebration this year. The Bliss, Joy and Lush Collections joins the stellar mooncake range this year, taking on a fun and playful slant this season.


Bakerzin has adopted the same Moon Rabbit themed designer boxes and bags as it has been a hit since the launched 4 years ago. It has kept to the well loved design but have an added element in each box this year.
The interior of each box has its own colourful and distinct pattern and carries eight glossy pieces of origami paper matching the interior of the box. These papers can be folded into pretty little Moon Rabbit with instructions. This provides a more interactive and fun element for both the young and young at heart.


The Bliss Collection ($60/box of 8 pieces) has Frangelico Hazelnut Truffle Snow Skin, Grand Marnier Chocolate Truffle Snow Skin, Pink Champagne Truffle Snow Skin and Whisky Truffle Snow Skin. It comes with 2 pieces of each flavour. This collection contains nuances of alcohol such as whisky, champagne, frangelico and grand marnier.


The Lush Collection ($52/box of 8 pieces) has Lychee Snow Skin, Mango Pomelo Snow Skin, Strawberry Snow Skin, Yuzu Snow Skin. It comes with 2 pieces of each flavour. A collection of fruity flavours such as strawberries, yuzu, pomelo, mango and lychee.


The Joy Collection ($52/box of 8 pieces) has Pandan Lotus Snow Skin, Purple Sweet Potato, Yam Snow Skin, Sweet Potato. It comes with 2 pieces of each flavour. It showcases an interesting assortment time honoured fillings and flavours.

Besides the three new snow skin mooncake collections, Bakerzin still has their popular Mao Shan Wang Durian Snow Skin Mooncake, Black Sesame Snow Skin Mooncake and the classic traditional baked mooncakes such as the Premium Egg Yolk Mooncake, Melon Seed Mooncake and Wu Ren Mooncake. Bakerzin Mooncakes are on sale from 8 July 2014 to 8 September 2014. They are available for order online at or at al Bakerzin outlets in Singapore


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