Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Whale & Cloud (鲸舆雲) @ Niven Road (Selegie)


The words have been out and soon this little hidden cafe at Selegie will no longer be a secret. Whale & Cloud (鲸舆雲) is a cafe located at Niven Road. To be exact, the entrance is at the back of the shop house, access via the back alley. The door is usually locked, so you have to knock on the door. Is she trying to be secretive? Well I felt it is more for safety reason since she runs the place herself and being at the back alley, there is some element of danger.


The lady owner has rented the backyard of the office and converted it into a small cafe which only opens during weekend when she is free from her sales and marketing job in a technology start up company. In fact the front of the cafe is the office where she holds her day job.


The sight of the unfinished red wall, potted plants hanging down from the ceiling and a platoon of Bearbricks toy collection welcome me when I stepped into the little cafe. This place is so beautiful. It felt like I have been transformed into her own little wonderland.


The lovely cafe is really small with 2 small tables and a row of old Cathay cinema chairs. The little cafe probably can sit about 12 people at max. The center of the cafe is where the daily freshly bakes are being displayed.


There is something about this cafe that makes you feel at ease and in a way forget about the world beyond the blue metal door. Time and pace seems to slow down in the small little space. The soft spoken and gracious lady owner, the lady owner goes about asking the customers what she can get for them and offering her fresh bakes. The whole atmosphere and ambience felt as if I am at home or visiting a friend's kitchen.


Currently the coffee at Whale & Cloud is served in paper cups. The lady owner shared with me that she is currently using Omotesando Koffee beans from Japan. These beans are brought during her recent Japan trip. The coffee beans used at the cafe will depends on her oversea trip, so do look forward to sample different type of coffee beans from various part of the world when she returns from her next trip. A little cup of old school biscuits will be also served together with the coffee.

Carrot Cake 4/5

Actually I came from a lunch tasting so I was actually quite full but when the owner offered me a slice of the homemade carrot cake to try, I simply could not reject her. I like the fact that the carrot cake is dense, moist, nutty and mildly spiced. I am not a big fan of cinnamon hence I enjoyed this version at Whale & Cloud. In fact I finished the whole slice.


Whale & Cloud operates on a trust concept. There is no menu or price for their offerings. You simply pay what you want before leaving.


If you wish to check out this little secret cafe in Selegie, please follow them on instagram @whalencloud as their operating hours are irregular and only open on weekends.

Updated: Whale & Cloud actually has three owners. During the visit of my post, the other 2 owners were not around. Whale & Cloud has also started to get their bakes from Kisses Bakery. Each slice is priced at $5. For the coffee, it is still pay per what you like.

Updated 2: Now bakes and coffee are fixed price.

Whale & Cloud  (鲸舆雲)
48 Niven Road
Singapore 228396
Nearest MRT: Little India (NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Sat Only: 9am - 4pm
(Do check their instagram for actual opening hours even on Sat)

1) Alight at Little India MRT station. Take Exit A. Cut across the carpark and walk to Rex Cinema at Mackenzie Road. Cross the road to Niven Road. Instead of going down Niven Road, go to the back alley of the shop houses beside the hostel. Walk down the alley to destination. Journey about 5 minutes. [Map]


  1. tts unique (opening hrs, price, menu)!

    1. only sat 9am - 4pm but do check their instagram as its irregular.

  2. It's no longer "pay as you want"

    Cake + coffee is $12/set

    1. Hi there, yes you are correct. I have updated actually at the end of the article.

  3. Wow! $12 for such a small piece of cake and coffee in a cup? This is quite insanely priced i feel!

    1. It is just right about the market price nowadays.