Friday, July 4, 2014

Ugly Cake Shop + The Accessory Report


I was invited to a very interesting event organised by Ugly Cake Shop and The Accessory Report at Working Title pairing Bakes and Bling. To be frank, I could not visualize what am I walking into when I accepted the invite. It is probably the very first collaboration when a bakery and accessories. Even not, it is definitely a first for me.


I have been a fan of Ugly Cake since a couple of years back when the owner Lisa was still a home baker. To focus on her bakes, she has since quit her corporate job and concentrate in her baking at her licensed central kitchen at Ang Mo Kio. Now her bakes are available at various pop-up stores at Pasar Bella and other events. She has also started supplying her yummy bakes to a couple of cafes.


Another interesting thing about Ugly Cake Shop is their is a story behind each and every cupcakes and cakes. They are all named after someone that is part of her life. Among her different cupcakes flavours, my all time favourite is Sally (Peanut Butter) and Big Daddy (Nutella & Valrhona).




Taking the opportunity, I managed to sample some of the new flavours such as Melissa (Strawberry, Rum & Dark Chocolate), Zesty Zee Lemon and Juliana (Salted Caramel).



Ugly Cake Shop used to only bake cupcakes but now they have expanded their bakes to include cakes. If you are interested to order the cakes, you can find out more from their website.


Ugly Cake Shop isn't ugly at all right? Look how beautiful the cupcakes and cakes are. The beautiful accessories from The Accessory Report even made them more standout. I am sure it will look as good on the ladies and made them standout.


If you are interested in either the bakes from Ugly Cake Shop or the accessories from The Accessory Report do check out their respective websites.

Ugly Cake Shop 

The Accessory Report

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