Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sek Tong Gai (食通街) @ Tanglin Halt


When I heard from a friend that even Les Amis chefs like to visit Sek Tong Gai (食通街) to eat after a late night service, I was eager to visit the restaurant and check out the food there. I had a foodies meetup session with Nat, Elaine and Elle so I took the opportunity to suggest checking out the restaurant. Armed with my camera and a group of friends, we headed down to the Sek Tong Gai which was formerly known as Sin Lee Chinese Cuisine in Tiong Bahru.

Spinach with Tang Hoon in Claypot 4.2/5

Usually I will order the 3 eggs with vegetables whenever I eat at Chinese restaurant. The Spinach with Tang Hoon in Claypot ($21) is a delicious alternative. Cooked in a tasty broth together with dried scallops and dried shrimps, the claypot is jam packed with flavours and textures with the silky smooth tang hoon infused with the rich flavours.

Claypot Chicken with Salted Fish 4.2/5

This may look like three cups chicken but no it is actually Claypot Chicken with Salted Fish ($18). While the chicken may not be very tender, the savoury sauce marriage the chicken perfectly with the salted fish lifting the flavour to a whole new level of enjoyment.

Steamed Pork Ribs 4.2/5

I have to admit I was not very keen to order the Steamed Pork Ribs ($21) initially as I thought it would be just an ordinary home cooked dish. I was glad that the rest of group persisted or I would have missed savouring this delicious dish. While the timing of cooking the pork ribs can be a bit better, what impressed me most is the sauce used. It was so good and flavourful that I had to resist ordering a bowl of rice to go with it as I am cutting down on my carbo intake.

Soon Hock in Claypot 4.5/5

For me the star of the dinner is the Claypot Soon Hock (market price) cooked with beancurd, minced meat, mushroom and brinjal. For the size of the fish we had that night, it cost us $97. The beancurd was silky smooth and the brinjal was not too mushy that still had a crunch. Lastly the fresh soon hock was moist and tender.

I am glad that I have finally try the Cantonese cuisine at Sek Tong Gai (食通街). I left feeling not only satisfied but impressed with the dishes I had. It may seen like some ordinary zichar dishes but I can tell that there were many thoughts in each dish especially how they were beautifully paired with the different sauces.

Sek Tong Gai
47 Tanglin Halt Road
Singapore 141047
Tel: +65 64744547
Nearest MRT: Commonwealth (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon: 6pm - 2am
Wed-Sun: 6pm - 2am
(Closed on Tue)

1) Alight at Commonwealth MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk straight to Sheng Siong. Turn right and walk towards Tanglin Halt Road. Cross the road and walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]


  1. Larry Wee ( 26, 2014 at 8:45 AM

    Derrick, sorry to say that I disagreed with your good rating towards this restaurant. To do justice to future patrons of this restaurant, I need to share my dining experience in the restaurant.
    I went there 2 weeks ago with my family of 4. The lady boss kept suggesting to us the expensive dishes like fish, crab, prawns even when I repeatly said no. She gave a sulky look and became uninterested in taking our order. Her staff came to take our order instead.
    Anyway we ordered 4 dishes (all small portion of claypot chicken cubes, minced crab meat toufu, kai lan vege, gu rou pork cubes) and 3 drinks. Menu clearly indicated each dish $12 except for toufu $20. Final bill $90 with the $12 dishes escalated to $18 each. When I asked her why is the change in price, she said she gave us the medium size. When I asked again that menu did not indicate the different prices, she said its understood esp. among her regular customers.
    I did not want to spoil our family weekend by debating on. I paid and left and promised to never return.
    I left a review on TripAdvisor and surprisingly another person wrote in to TripAdvisor with exactly the same experience I had.
    Derrick, if you feel that a HDB shop type of restaurant that charged a soon hock fish for almost $100 and vegetables close to $20 with dishonest pricelist and unfriendly service were to deserve a very good review, then I would said that there are no more bad food and service in Singapore.

    1. Hi Larry,
      I am sorry to hear your experience at Sek Tong Gai. I do agreed with you that good food must also comes with good service and honesty. However I think I need to also be subjective here. I am reviewing on the food and my experience during my visit. Lucky me I did not encounter your bad experience but your comment will be very useful for future patrons to judge and be caution while dining there.

      I would like to thank you for leaving a comment. Cheers to food good and service.

  2. Bad experience, bad service & price sky high. Never visit again

  3. I just had dinner here. Terrible prices. I was not served by the lady boss, but definitely witnessed the rude and aggressive sales tactic she used on another table. The customers were shocked at her prices and asked more question on her produce - whether the crabs were live or frozen (I did not see any normal crabs in her live tank, only the alaskan crab), she raised her voice and stated all the prices are the same everywhere, all the seafood in Singapore same.

    I ordered 3 dishes which averaged out to slightly more than $10 per dish. The chicken cube Claypot with salted fish wasn't much more interesting than those sold in a typical mixed vegetables stall. I paid $8 for a small fistful of beansprouts dish and another $8 for a simple hard tofu with soy sauce and some pre fried garnishing. Needless to say, I was not disappointed - financially, I felt I was violated like a helpless naive girl in some seedy back alley movie scene.

    Do not go there. Food is not worth it, unless you live in this neighborhood and your pregnant wife craved alaskan snow crab and you don't want to travel to a reputable restaurant who will give you a fair price for it.

  4. 昨天晚上与家人共三个去食通街吃晚餐,叫了三样菜包括一只辣椒螃蟹, 一盘葱姜鸡,和一盤四季豆。螃蟹感覺少过一公斤也不像斯里兰卡螃蟹却要价S$85,, 葱姜鸡一小盘要价S$21,加上菜和水,总共要收S$137.60, 在惊讶收费之余,查了账单,发觉三个湿纸巾要价S$9/=,查问招待员为何?说是打错更正。感觉非常不老实和漫天开价,这家食通街真是去不得,我将不会再去消费了!



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