Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Min Jiang @ One North (岷江在纬壹)


Located in the lush surroundings of Rochester Park and housed in a two storey black and white colonial bungalow is Min Jiang at One North (岷江在纬壹). Popular for their wood fired Beijing Duck, Min Jiang will be launching its latest Australian Abalone Delights promotion taking place from 15 July to 14 August 2014, featuring Master Chef Goh Chee Kong's creativity with these treasures from the sea. Besides the ala carte menu, the promotion period also features a six course Abalone Indulgence Set Menu at $128.

Chef Goh's Appetiser Platter 4/5

We started our dinner with Chef Goh's Appetiser Platter ($25) that features four dainty appetisers. These are like the Chinese version of amuse bouche that gave an insight to Chef Goh's culinary skill. On the plate are Wok Tossed Lobster Medallion coated with Spicy Egg Yolk Crumbs, Crispy Eel coated with vinegar sauce and sesame seeds, Pan Fried Scallop stuffed in Tientsin Pear and topped with XO sauce and Fried Diced Chicken with Sichuan Pepper. Its quite hard to pick which is my favourite as it stood out on its whole.

Doubled Boiled Abalone with Morel Mushrooms in Shark's Bone Cartilage 4.8/5

The bowl of Doubled Boiled Abalone with Morel Mushrooms in Shark's Bone Cartilage ($32) simply blown me away with its rich and intense flavour. The bowl of nutrition soup is further given a boost with the addition of the chinese herb, Huai Shan which has health benefit such as lowering blood sugar, blood pressure and improve digestive system.

Wood Fired Beijing Duck 4.5/5

At Min Jiang, one should not miss their house specialty. The Wood Fired Beijing Duck ($45 Half Duck / $90 Whole Duck) uses only the finest local farm fed fresh water duck. The duck is then stuffed with vegetables and a combination of fresh herbs and spices, and roasted with apple wood in Singapore's first custom made wooden fired oven, giving it a nice aromatic and crispy skin

Wrapped Roasted Duck with Leek, Cucumber and Sweet Sauce 4.5/5

There are 4 ways that one can enjoy the wood fired Beijing Duck at Min Jiang. First is to enjoy the Crispy Duck Skin with Fine Granulated Sugar. This allows one to solely appreciate the contrast in taste and texture. Second is to wrap the roasted duck slices with leek, cucumber and sweet sauce in a homemade wheat pancakes. Another way of having the roasted duck which is gaining popularity in Beijing is to wrap them with mashed garlic, Tientsin cabbage and radish in the homemade wheat pancakes.

Stir Fried Mee Pok in XO sauce with Shredded Duck 4.2/5

Lastly one can choose a couple of cooking methods such as stir fried shredded duck with black pepper/ginger & spring onion, spicy minced duck with lettuce wrap, salted vegetable soup with duck & tofu, fried rice with duck and fried noodles with sliced duck. We had the Stir Fried Mee Pok in XO sauce with Shredded Duck which allows one to savour the duck to the fullest. Among all the different 4 methods of enjoying the Beijing Duck, my favourite is the wrapped roasted duck slices with leek, cucumber and sweet sauce in a homemade wheat pancakes

Braised 4 Head Abalone with Millet Broth 4.5/5

The Braised 4 Head Abalone with Millet Broth ($48) is an interesting pairing which surprising works excellently. The use of millet broth is an excellent substitution from the usual sauce. The golden hued broth gave the dish an extra layer of texture with its high in fibre, protein and antioxidants nutrition grain.

Fried Abalone and Pine Nuts in Spicy Sauce 4/5

Initially I thought it was going to be a deep fried abalone dish but it turned out the Fried Abalone and Pine Nuts in Spicy Sauce ($14) is actually a stir fried dish. Served in a pretty filo pastry nest, I was surprised how the abalone still retained its juiciness despite being cooked in high temperature.

Pandan Jelly with Lime Sorbet 4/5

I do not have a sweet tooth so I was delighted that I was served the Pandan Jelly with Lime Sorbet ($10) that was light and refreshing. It was also a fitting dessert to cleanse the palate after all the rich and savoury dishes.

From 01 August 2014, Min Jiang will also be introducing new dishes for their a la carte menu such as the Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek with Papaya Paste, Steamed Chicken with Black Fungus and Ginger Paste, Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables with Duo of Mushrooms and Truffle Oil.

Min Jiang at One North
No. 5 Rochester Park
Singapore 139216
Tel: +65 67740122
Website: http://www.goodwoodparkhotel.com
Nearest MRT: Buona Vista (CC Line, EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am - 230pm, 6pm - 1030pm

1) Alight at Buona Vista MRT station. Take Exit B or C. Walk to Star Vista. At Rochester Drive turn left. Continue on Rochester Drive to the end of the road. Cross the road and continue on Rochester Park. Walk to destination. Journey time about 12 minutes. [Map]

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