Sunday, February 2, 2014

Le Chasseur @ Eunos


Le Chasseur used to be located at New Bridge Road opposite Clark Quay Central Mall before moving to its new location at Eunos Industrial Estate. Having tried the food and knowing that it has moved to the east, nearer to my place, I was looking forward to my revisit. Upon reaching the destination with fellow foodies, Edsmond, Mandy, Nat and Nicole, I pain for the owner. Business was bad, there were many deserted tables and we were probably the only customers. Unlike the days in the old premise, the restaurant was so busy that it was pretty hard to get a table.
Ngor Hiang 4/5

After a quick browsing of the menu, we decided to try the Ngor Hiang ($5). Actually we were quite taken part by the portion that was served. Sad to say I could get probably twice as many from the zichar stall next door. I know I can't compare the standard and quality but we have to be realistic that we are at a industrial estate food court now, there is competition just a few stalls away. Putting the portion issue aside, the ngor hiang or prawn roll was actually pretty good. Fried to a nice outer crisp, the delectable filling was flavourful with lovely bites of mushroom, water chestnut and carrot.

Coffee Pork Ribs 3/5

Once again we have issue with the serving portion. There are six of us but we were only served 5 pieces of the Coffee Pork Ribs ($15). While the pork ribs was delectable, the coffee taste was barely noticeable.

Pig Trotter with Black Vinegar and Ginger 4/5

It seems like the gang does not really know how to appreciate the Pork Trotter with Black Vinegar and Ginger ($10) except Nicole and me. The class confinement dish with its characteristic sourness from the black vinegar was so addictive that I have to help myself to more of the delish collagen.

Pig Stomach Soup 3.8/5

The piping hot Pig Stomach Soup ($16) was exactly what we needed to warm the body in a cold and rainy night. While the hearty and comforting soup warmed our heart, a dash more peppers should be even more perfect.

Sambal Kang Kong 4/5

The Sambal Kang Kong ($5.50) was stir fried to a delectable crunchy bite and not too oily. A very enjoyable dish.

Otah Omelette 4/5

I just have to order the Otah Omelette ($6). Being both an otah and egg omelette lover, this is just like a pairing made in heaven for me.

Barbequed Cuttlefish 3/5

The tender Barbequed Cuttlefish ($21) was beautifully flavoured with the sweet sauce but I felt that it lacked the smokiness of barbeque. I suspected it was cooked over electric fire instead of charcoal fire.

Claypot Chicken Rice 4/5

Claypot Chicken Rice 4/5

Making our way to Le Chasseur is to try the Claypot Chicken Rice ($11/$20). What is so special about their claypot rice? The restaurant uses basmatic rice, a variety of long grain rice that has an unique aromatic quite similar to pandan. Be prepared to wait for a good 20 minutes as the rice is cooked raw over charcoal fire giving it the charred aromatic infused into the fluffy grains.

Tao Suan 4.2/5

We wrapped up dinner with a bowl of Tao Suan ($2.60 per portion). The version at Le Chasseur is pretty good with the mung beans still retaining a good bite not too mushy. The only complain is the you tiao was not crispy.

Many people who has dined at Le Chasseur knows about the food quality and standard. I really hope their business will pick up and prosper in their new premise. They probably need to do some adjustment to their menu considering they are no more operating in an air conditioned restaurant environment and with more competitive priced stalls in the same food court.

Le Chasseur
27 Eunos Road 2
Singapore 409387
Tel: +65 63377677
Nearest MRT: Eunos (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am - 3pm, 530pm - 930pm

1) Alight at Eunos MRT station. Take Exit B. Turn right and walk towards Eunos Crescent block 31. Cut through the block of flats and field towards Eunos Road 2. Cross the road and walk to destination. Journey time about 8 minutes. [Map]


  1. Hi Derrick, I see that you blog about food by areas in Singapore :) I would like to suggest a deli/bakery cafe in Eunos that is newly opened called Baker's13.

  2. Was this a series of miscommunication or planned subjectivity with dishonest intent. I cannot prove. But i would have thought an honest businessmen would clarify upfront when knowing possible subjectivity may arise .

  3. Great food but what a pity if only it could have been served with integrity