Monday, January 20, 2014

Cross Way Bay Hong Kong Roasted Meat (尖沙嘴港式烧臘) @ Tampines Street 43


Yes the words have been out and it has also appeared in KF Seetoh's Makansutra column recommending this hidden gem in the hood for having one of the best Sio Bak in town. Coming from the food guru himself, it is like a stamp of guarantee. Credit has to go to Uncle Martin who has unearthed this humble stall at Tampines Street 43. Surrounded by a maze of urban concretes, it was not easy to navigate to the coffeshop where Cross Way Bay Hong Kong Roasted Meat (尖沙嘴港式烧臘) is located. I could have easily gotten lost if not for the foodie buddies showing me to this hideout.

Roasted Pork Belly or Sio Bak 4.8/5

My first visit was in the late afternoon so the Sio Bak was a bit cold. The first thing I noticed was how beautiful the different layers of of the pork belly was basically belly dancing in a seductive matter seducing me to eat them up quickly. Sinking my teeth into the seductive piece of roast pork. My first response was that the blistered skin tasted special. Even though it was a bit cold, the skin still has that crackling and crumbly texture. Borrowing Seetoh's description, it was biscuit like.


In my second visit I was earlier and I got to try the roasted pork while it was still warm. The piece of sio bak literally melted in my mouth. The blistered skin still has that biscuit like texture which is really very enjoyable. I felt that my limited vocabulary did not do justification to the beautiful piece of roasted pork belly. You just have to try it yourself to know what I meant.


At Cross Way Bay Hong Kong Roasted Meat, besides the roasted pork belly it also has roasted duck, roasted chicken and char siew. I tried their Roasted Chicken which was also quite good although I can't say they are the best. For the Char Siew, my advice is to go for the armpit cut which has a nice layer of fats that is more succulent.

Cross Way Bay Hong Kong Roasted Meat (尖沙嘴港式烧臘)
476 Food Loft Coffeeshop
Blk 476 Tampines Street 43
Singapore 520476
Nearest MRT: Tampines (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am - 8pm
(Closed on Mon or Tue)

1) Alight at Tampine MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to Tampines Central 1 Bus Interchange (Stop ID 75009). Take bus number 28, 29, 293 or 553. Alight 4 stops later at block 493B. Cross the road to block 484. Cut across the block of flats to destination. Journey time about 20 minutes. [Map]


  1. Wah..this is the first time i hear of armpit cut...tampines very far from ang mo kio but seems like it's all going to be worth making the trip there~

    1. It is actually called 不见天` in Chinese.

    2. ah i see. thanks for the chinese name. will order that part :D

  2. Is this place closed? I see "[CLOSED]" in red above its details in your post but am confused because there has been a lot of hype recently about it

    1. Yes it is very unfortunate because of rental. The last I heard he is moving to Johor.

  3. where about in Johor? anyone knows?
    pls email me or post here.