Monday, August 5, 2013

AmaSoy Chilled Beancurd


Mentioned chilled beancurd, many may think of Lao Ban, 51 Beancurd or QQ Beancurd. Not familiar to a lot of people is AmaSoy including myself. I was only introduced to it during one of my visit to DARNO Japanese Hotpot by MOF. There is dual meaning to the brand name, Ama which means Sweet in Japanese and also Grandma in Chinese. The founder chanced upon this delicious Tounyu Soy Beancurd reminiscent the Singapore soy beancurd during her stay in Japan and the taste reminded her of the memories when she was growing up with her grandma in meager conditions.


Let me let you in to something you probably did not know. AmaSoy beancurd recipe is actually a Japanese recipe which is more natural compared to some of the brands that uses coffeemix in the mixture. The natural and nutritious recipe is trans-fat free, no cholesterol, low fat content, lactose free, no colouring, no preservatives or MSG, no artificial flavouring, no animal gelatin used and 100% organic soy bean is used.


Recently, AmaSoy has improved in their recipes enhancing the Japanese pudding with Collagen and Omega 3 (DHA). Besides the popular Original, Almond and Mango beancurd, exciting new flavours and toppings are introduced. More choices and selections now. New flavours include Matcha and Salted Caramel. For toppings, one can look forward to new additions such as red bean, peanuts, gingko nuts, lotus seeds, aloe vera, taro and strawberry etc.


So why do I prefer AmaSoy Japanese pudding or beancurd to the other brand? First of all, I find the other brands too sweet to my liking. AmaSoy beancurd is not too sweet and nicely balanced in texture. Have you ever left your Lao Ban beancurd overnight and noticed a sheet like layer thingy on the surface? I felt so artificial in what I was consuming. While the texture of Amasoy may not be as smooth compared to the other brands, the health conscious me prefer the all natural and nutritious recipe. Furthermore, it now comes with collagen and omega 3 (DHA). Last but not least, it is the only beancurd brand that allows one to add toppings of their liking for a wholesome enjoyment of this delectable dessert.


With the new revamped recipe and menu, also do check out the newly launched Hokkaido Milk series at AmaSoy outlets. Currently MOF has five outlets around the island at Great World City, Ion Orchard, Serangoon Nex, Jurong Point and Tampines One.

Delectable Organic Japanese Beancurd