Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pick A Place and Share Your Unique Themes on Pickat SG


Check out this new mobile application, Pickat SG that can be downloaded on iTunes Appstore or Google Playstore. Pickat SG is a location based social application that allows one to discover, create and share interesting places. It also allows one to find out latest coupons and discount deals nearby your location while on the go. I have recently downloaded Pickat SG and have been having fun "Picking" and sharing reviews of my favourite restaurants and eats.

So why am I so crazy into this new Pickat SG app?  If you are familiar with Facebook, Instagram, Path and Foursquare , then Pickat is like your  4-in-1 app having similar or even the same features. Let me show you how easy and user friendly the Pickat SG app can be.


Yesterday I met up with my friends at Clark Quay for steamboat at Hai Di Lao Hotpot. I enjoyed the food and service at the restaurant. I find that it is a great place for group gathering. Hence I took out my Iphone and Pick this place to share with my friends on Pickat SG.


What is actually a Pick? In short, it is like Facebook status post or a Twitter tweet where you share a Place + Theme. You can also include photos and a brief review up to 500 words. To create a pick, you simply click on the pick icon at the bottom right corner of the app.


How to create a Pick? Pick is a Place + Theme, so we need to input the location followed by the theme. Simply key in the location of the place you want to Pick and click search. Then select the outlet you want to make a pick.


What is a Theme? A theme is like a label or a post header where it expresses the experience/view/opinion of a place you have visited. The cool part is you can create your own Unique Theme! For example, I find that Hai Di Lao Hotpot is a great place for gathering, hence I created the theme Great Place for Gathering.

To complete your Pick, you can upload your photos (up to 4 pictures) as well as your review of the place. The great thing is after you have completed your Pick, you can even shared it seamlessly on Facebook and Twitter.

Pickat Deal v1

That is not all about Pickat SG! Besides sharing your favourite Pick, Pickat SG brings the latest Coupons and Discount Deals right to your smart phone. At the main menu page, click on the Nearby Coupons for the latest promotion. You can download the coupon or discount deal and it will be saved in Pickat SG.

Pickat Deal v2

To redeem the promotion, go to My Coupon at the main menu page to retrieve your downloaded coupon. Upon touching the redeem button, the vendor will be prompt to end a redemption key code known to the vendor only. (Do not attempt to entry the redemption key code yourself or the coupon/deal will be consider void).

So what is stopping you? Download the FREE PICKAT SG app from iTunes Appstore or Google Playstore and look out for the upcoming Free Ya Kun Ice Coffee/Tea coupon deal between 20 Jun 2013 to 30 Jun 2013.

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