Monday, June 17, 2013

Ayam Penyet President @ Serangoon NEX


Ayam Penyet President is the new resident at Serangoon NEX servicing authentic Indonesian cuisine. I have to admit I was looking for an experience and meal that is fit for a president. Unfortunately, I am brought to reality very soon when I needed to walk up to the cashier to place my order and made payment before I got my food served. This is not how you treat a president or rather I thought I will be treated like a president.

Tahu Telor 2/5

The Tahu Telor ($5.50) was a big disappointment. I was expecting a tall standing tower of the tahu telor but instead I was served with with pieces of fried beancurd wrapped in by a omelette. I really felt I was being cheated.

Ayam Penyet 3/5

The Ayam Penyet ($6.50) is a Malay word which literally means smashed fried chicke does not come with steamed rice. The Steamed Rice ($0.80) needs to be order separately. While the chicken was tender and moist, the chicken was not flatted or smashed enough. I also wished I could have more of the crispy bits.

Ayam Bakar 3.5/5

I also tried the Ayam Bakar ($6.50) which is served with grilled tofu, bean cake and cut chilli in black sauce. Actually the waitress left out the cut chilii in black sauce and I have asked for it. The grilled chicken with the sweet sauce drenched over it was rather flavourful. It complemented the moist and tender chicken.

Mixed Fruit Juice a la President 3.5/5 Iced Chendol 3.5/5 

The meal ended on a sweet note with the Mixed Fruit Juice a la President ($4) and Ice Chendol ($3). The mixed fruit juice a la president is quite similar to our Chinese version of Ice Kachang.

Overall I find that the food here is just average and definitely you won't be getting the president treatment. Unless I need a quick meal or avoid the crowd, I probably would not visit the eatery.

Ayam Penyet President
Serangoon NEX
23 Serangoon Central
Singapore 556083
Tel: +65 66348165
Nearest MRT: Serangoon (NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat: 1130am - 930pm
Sat-Sun & PH: 11am - 930pm

1) Alight at Serangoon MRT station. Take Exit G. Walk to destination. Journey time about 3 minutes.


  1. this is the same as the one in lucky plaza?

  2. Just had dinner at this branch.. the ayam penyet does not have taste. The place seems to be new but not organized. Staff bags are at one side. Boxes at the other.
    Their so called omelette is plain scramble egg.. so frustrating.. when I ask the staff. She confirmed thats their omelette. :(

    1. Hi Aileen, as per my review I don't enjoy the food there too. That just confirm it has gone from bad to worst.

  3. Had a great experience on my first visit.. food was awesome esp their lele and oxtail soup.. service was fast. Staff were friendly too..will come again.

    1. Great that you enjoyed the food and experience there. Looks like they have improved. That is a good thing.

  4. I just been there yesterday. Very bad hygiene, I need to take the bowl to scope for soup, soup is free flow and u need to take yourself. No bowl, so I requested for bowl, and the waitress pass me the bowl which is oily. There is a basin where you can wash your hand next to the pot of soup. And I need to wash the bowl myself. Who will wash their own bowl in a restaurant or foodcourt in Singapore? But I already paid so I just accept it and make a mental note never ever go there again. The Tahu Telok is those tall standing type, but the satay sauce is cold. Not icy cold but fridge cold. She serve me white rice instead of the yellow rice. I order yellow rice. I show her receipt and she go to kitchen to check. She inform me no more yellow rice, so I told her that she shld inform us before we pay? She just walk off. Ask to speak to manager, waitress rude attitude. Roll her eye, after I saw the waitress attitude, I told her, I want a refund and ask her for her manager, she just walk away, and continue serving my food? I already say want a refund? So I go up to her and ask for her manager, she say in toilet, I already waited her magager for 10 mins? And I told her I can't wait for her manager for 1 hr, I am starving, and why keep serving us our order when I obviously told you I want a refund? (I won't eat it no matter how hungry as I already decide I want a refund) Wait for another 10 mins, another waitress come to us, I ask again, she say manager not around? WTH, 20 mins ago, the rude waitress say manager in toilet? Now is not around? Bullshit. But she say she can help me to get a refund, so I went to counter, no one in front of me, bill is SGD25.70, at first, cashier pay me SGD2 plus (coin), then I told her no? It's SGD25.70? Then she talk to another waitress (the one who say she can help me to ask for a refund, and she is the only one who apologise to me and is polite), I don't understand what they are saying as they communicate in Malay. Then the cashier, keep counting the money, and pass me another SGD3.00, I say no? Total is SGD25.70? Then cashier ask for a 10 cent from my Husband saying about no change, and we did pass her 10 cent, then after that she continue to count money. We are already waiting for the refund for at least 10 mins. Finally, she pass us SGD25.20. Omg, I was piss off, the recipe was with her but it's within my reach, so I take the recipe and show her. It's SGD25.70 I am going on a hysterical fit. Telling her, can you pay me according to the recut, what so hard about that. Then she pass me SGD25.70 I told her how about the 10 cent which you ask my hushand for when you claim you need coins? She is annoyed and show me her recipe. I totally lost my cool and was shouting, yup, SGD25.70 is the price but my husband give you 10 cent and you are suppose to give us back? I won't not give you a cent, poor hygenie, poor service, attitude waitress. I rather give it to the old Uncle whom I buy my tissue from than You. Waiting for the manager for at least 20 mins, waiting for refund 15 mins. Total time of wasting at least 30 mins. Boycott Ayam Penyet President @ Hillion The one that piss me off is when they say they will ask the manager and I bloody wait for them, patronize me saying have to wait as manager in toilet, end up telling manager not around. Go there if you want rude service, don't mind washing your own cultery, need to request for sauce where in other restaurants it's automatic. Even the sauce don't require to be hot or warm at least it's should be room temperature. Definitely not fridge cold. Ayam Penyet President @ Hillion near Bukit Panjang suck. Worst restaurant ever in my whole life.