Monday, May 6, 2013

Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken (怡保老友芽菜鸡) @ Chinatown Point


Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken (怡保老友芽菜鸡) is the latest chicken rice chain in Singapore's food scene from Ipoh Malaysia. Brought to Singapore by the Select Group, this chicken rice chain supposes to be quite popular in Ipoh. Currently there have 6 outlets in Singapore at IMM, Centrepoint, Chervon House, VivoCity, White Sands and the newly refurnished Chinatown Point.

Kampong Chicken 3.5/5

It is understand that Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken uses only free range kampong chicken imported from Malaysia. I ordered the Kampong Chicken ($9.50 for 2 pax) and 2 plates of chicken rice separately for $2.40. The chicken has a more intense yellow skinned colour compare to those we commonly had. Besides that there is nothing special about the chicken. I also find the serving a bit stingy with the pricing for 2 pax portion.

Bean Sprouts 3/5

The other authenticity of Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken is the short and plump Bean Sprouts ($3 small, $5 big) imported all the way from Ipoh. Blanched and bathed in a savoury sauce, the bean sprouts were definitely sweeter and crunchier from the north.

Pork Ball Soup 3/5

I realized that the eatery does not serve soup for my chicken rice, so I separately ordered a bowl of Pork Ball Soup ($5 small). The pork ball was rather decent and bouncy.

Overall I am quite disappointed with Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken. I still prefer my plate of generous and cheaper Hainanese chicken rice from the hawker centre that comes with a bowl of soup. Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken need to be more generous in their servicing or they are going to lose their customer base.

Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken (怡保老友芽菜鸡)
Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Road
Singapore 059413
Tel: +65 67020192
Nearest MRT: Chinatown (NE Line, DT Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 1030am - 10pm

Alight at Chinatown MRT station. Take Exit E. Walk to Chinatown Point. Journey time about 3 minutes.


  1. Same thoughts. I find the portion too measly for the price. The chicken doesn't taste any special than our coffee shop chicken rice.

    1. Ya I don't think I will go back again. I prefer my coffeeshop/hawker centre chicken rice.