Monday, February 4, 2013

Paddington House of Pancakes @ City Square Mall


Are you a pancake lover? If you are, you will be glad to know that there is a new pancake specialty full dining restaurant at City Square Mall offering different types of pancakes from around the world. In the menu, you can find different types of pancakes such as Pannekoeks, Galettes, American Stacks, Poffertjes, Blitzes, Blinis, Crepes, Baked Puff Pancakes and many more. Paddington House of Pancakes serves both savoury and sweet pancakes. One can indulge in a hearty meal or a sweet sinful dessert any time of the day.

Lucerne 4/5

Galette is a type of pancake well known in Brittany, North West of France made from organic buckwheat. We tried the Lucerne ($18) which is served like a pizza with mixed seafood, creamy tomato sauce and mozzarella on top a thin large galette. As the pancake is rather thin, this need to be eaten quickly if not the pancake will become soggy. Since this is supposed to be eaten like a pizza, I would prefer the shell of the mussel and tail end of the prawns to be removed.

Alaska 4/5

If you are looking for a full meal, you can try their savoury pancake meals served with double 'XL' Flapjacks. Flapjack is a kind of thick small pancake usually around 10cm in diameter. The Alaska ($15) comes with spicy mashed potato pancakes with deep fried bread crumbled dory and creamy mushroom sauce. The spicy mashed potato pancakes was quite interesting because it tasted like our fried carrot cake. I think the locals will like this. Paddington House of Pancakes does not focus on their pancakes only. Their savoury is not lacklustre. The bread crumbled dory was deep fried to a beautiful golden brown. Crisp on the exterior and moist inside.

Oslo 3.8/5

Another flapjack savoury meal on the menu is Oslo ($18). Comes with pinkish smoked salmon and cheesy scrambled eggs with grilled zucchini, this is another delightfully hearty meal. The star in this dish was actually the runny scrambled eggs for me.

Dijon 4.2/5

For the savoury pancakes, my favourite goes to Dijon ($21) which is crepes with grilled lamb shoulders with peach, plum and passionfruit mustard dressing. The hint of fruity sweetness from the dressing on top of the lamb shoulder won my heart. In my opinion, the soft and tissue thin crepe complements the savoury better than the fluffy thick pancake. I agreed the lamb was a bit tough but overall balance in flavour and texture Dijon stood out for me.

Tiramisu 4/5

Strawberry New York Cheesecake 4/5

Moving on to the sweet section. We tried the Tiramisu ($8) and Strawbeery New York Cheesecake ($8) Sundaes. All Paddington House of Pancakes' sundaes are uniquely served with dollar pancakes. I prefer to call them mini pancakes. Its kind of like having waffles with ice cream all mixed up in a glass.

Chocolate Roll 4.2/5

For the Sweet Pannekoek, we tried the Chocolate Roll ($13) with peanut butter, ice cream, Oreo crumbs, chocolate sauce, nuts and whipped cream. Pannekoek is a Dutch/Belgian pancake that is usually larger and much thinner than American or Scottish pancakes. The chocolate roll pannekoek reminds me of the local snack, Min Jiang Kueh.

Bombon Dollars 4/5

For the Dollar Pancakes, we tried the Bombon Dollars ($12). Served in a bowl of dollar pancakes, Orea & disgestive crumbs, raisins, nuts and ice cream with condensed milk at the side. It felt like a breakfast bowl. We thought the Bombon Dollars was a bit dry to eat with until we realized we need to pour the condensed milk into the bowl.

Chocolate Chips Pancake 3/5

We also tried the Chocolate Chips Pancake ($11/$18) that is served with a scoop of ice cream, marshmallows, nuts and chocolate sauce. The American pancake comes with a golden ring around the edge with a crisp while the middle was fluffy.

The Pancakes at Paddington are prepared freshly daily at the outlet. A little patient is needed as the pancakes are flipped upon order and served right from the pan to the plate. Paddington really has an extensive varieties of pancakes which I have a hard time deciding what to order even on my 2nd visit. Instead of going around the world trying out the different pancakes, Paddington House of Pancakes now brings the world to you.

Paddington House of Pancakes
City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road
Singapore 208539
Tel: +65 66129029
Nearest MRT: Farrer Park (NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 1030am - 1030pm

1) Alight at Farrer Park MRT station. Take Exit I. Walk to City Square Mall. Journey time about 5 minutes.


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