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Japanese Dining SUN @ Chijmes


Japanese food lovers! Suntory F&B International who owns Japanese Dining SUN and SUN and MOON Japanese Dining & Cafe has collaborated with Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry to embark on a Kyushu Gourmet Experience from 16 November 2012 to 8 January 2013.

Lead by Executive Chef Toshio Sawai from the SUN group, he has created a menu to showcase the fresh ingredients from the Kyushu region, embarking on a Kyushu Gourmet Experience.

Kyushu Sashimi Mori 7 Kind 4.8/5

We went to Japanese Dining SUN on Tuesday which is delivery day for the restaurant. The Kyushu Sashimi Mori 7 Kind ($88) introduced us to the freshest produces in the Kyushu (九州) region. On the luxurious sashimi platter, there was fatty tuna, yellow seabream, horse mackerel, golden-eye snapper, striped jack, yellow tail and Japanese seabream.

Mentai Salmon Takana Roll 4/5

The Mentai Salmon Takana Roll ($18.80) is a reverse sushi roll with the Japanese preserved mustard leaf and salmon wrapping around the spicy seasoned cod roe, sweet omelette and cucumber was an enjoyment both in visual and taste. The Japanese preserved mustard leaf also gave the roll a nice crunchy texture.

Mentai Cheese Chigiri Age 3/5

Initally I thought the Mentai Cheese Chigiri Age ($9.80) was chicken bites but they were actually fishcake of spicy seasoned cod roe and cheese. It was something I would not usually find on the menu or ordered in a Japanese restaurant. This was quite pedestrian for me.

Kurobuta Gyoza 4.2/5

The Kurobuta Gyoza ($9.80) was smaller and more compact with its filling. The pan fried bite size Berkshire pork dumplings was filled with cabbage, chives and garlic. Even though the gyoza was pan fried, the meat in the filling was tender and moist. Probably the best Gyoza I ever had.

Shiokoji Moriawase 4.2/5

Shiokoji is a salted rice malt used in many Japanese marinated receipe. The Shiokoji Moriawase ($15.80) was an eye opener for me. The chef demonstrated how by controlling the amount of shiokoji can bring out different flavours and tastes of the ingredients. On the platter, we had salmon, berkshire pork, grilled chicken and white asparagus.

Miyazaki Wagyu Steak Ajikurabe 4.5/5

On the hot plate was Japanese Grade A3 Miyazaki Wagyu Steak Ajikurabe ($88.80). We had the Wagyu ribeye and sirloin steak in teppanyaki style. The premium marbled beef was grilled to perfection, flavourful and succulent.

Saga Nori Udon 3/5

Many may mistaken this as soba made from buckwheat. I was surprised when I was told that it was udon made from the seaweed. The Saga Nori Udon served separately with condiments and dipping sauce was a tad tough in texture which I did not really enjoy.


Fukuoka Kinmedai & Mentai Chazuke 4.2/5

The Fukuoka Kinmedai & Mentai Chazuke ($15.80) was a welcoming, hearty and comfort rice dish after all the savory food. The green tea bonito soup was poured into the bowl of rice, lightly grilled golden eye snapper fillet slices and spicy seasoned cod roe. Each spoonful of the chazuke was filled with fragrant roasted aroma of the green tea that was very comfortable and pleasant for the palate.

Fukuoka Tonkotsu Takana Ramen 4.5/5

The bowl of Fukuoka Tonkotsu Takana Ramen ($11.80) was robust and flavourful with thin springy noodles. I was already quite full but I could not help going back for more. The ramen also came with Japanese preserved mustard leaf giving it a crunchy texture.

Oita Momo Jam Chiffon Cake 3.8/5

The Oita Momo Jam Chiffon Cake ($6.50) was light and fluffy infused with the fruity flavour of ripe peach jam served with homemade vanilla cream.

Fukuoka Yamecha Roll Cake 4.2/5

The Fukuoka Yamecha Roll Cake ($5.80) on the other hand was more dense and stronger in flavour with smooth vanilla cream in the center. Red bean paste was served on the side which was a nice complement for the cake.

Fukuoka Yame Tea with Goma Cookie 4.2/5

The Fukuoka Yame Tea with Goma Cookie ($5) was a perfect ending for the Kyushu Gourmet Experience. The premium Fukuoka English tea has smooth and nicely scented to clear the palate after a sumptuous meal.

Japanese Dining SUN
30 Victoria Street
Singapore 187996
Tel: +65 63363166
Nearest MRT: City Hall (EW Line, NS Line), Bras Basah (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Lunch (Sun-Fri): 12pm - 3pm
Dinner (Mon-Sat): 630pm - 11pm
Sun & PH: 6pm - 1030pm

1) Alight at City Hall MRT station. Take Exit A. Cut across Raffles City Shopping Centre to Bras Basah Road. At the junction of Bras Basah Road and North Bridge Road, cross the road to Chijmes. Journey time about 5 minutes.

2) Alight at Bras Basah MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk southwards towards Victoria Road. At the junction of Bras Basah Road and Victoria Road, cross the junction to Chijmes. Journey time about 5 minutes.

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