Friday, August 24, 2012

Canadian Pizza Dine-In Cafe @ Jalan Kayu


Canadian Pizza is know for its 2 for 1 pizza delivery at 6241 0241 but little may you know that Canadian Pizza actually has a Dine-In Cafe along the same stretch of road at Jalan Kayu. Opened back in December 2011, the Dine-In cafe offers an extensive menu besides pizzas.


The Dine-In cafe has both a alfresco and air conditioned seating. It is a halal certified restaurant that offers an extensive menu, not just only pizza.

Root Beer Float 4/5

Started the meal with a mug of classic Root Beer Float ($4.50). You can also ask for Pepsi or 7-Up if you do not like Root Beer. For cold beverages, Mocktails, juices and soft drinks are also available.

Smoked Salmon Salad 3.8/5

The plating for the Smoked Salmon Salad ($8.80) may not look elegant but it was good. The used of fresh ingredients such as onion, lettuce, black olive, tomato and bread crumbs was packed with flavours, a healthy but yet flavourful salad to start with.

Tomato and Mushroom Soup 4/5

The Tomato Soup ($4.50) and Mushroom Soup ($4.50) was surprising creamy, tasty and robust. Like my dining partner Melissa commented, the soups were much better than a popular family restaurant in Singapore which I can't agreed more.

Grilled Cajun Fish 4.2/5

The Grilled Cajun Fish ($16.90) came with salad, fries and lime mayonnaise. The grilled fish was extremely flavourful and I won't mind going back for more. As I gathered my thoughts composing the post, I realized the grilled fish was sliced into strips. Visually I think people would expect a whole piece of fish fillet so they don't feel short changed.

Baked Macaroni 3/5

The Baked Macaroni ($9.50) unfortunately was a let down. Though the macaroni was nicely cooked, they were kind of bland.

Fresh Sage Sausage 4.2/5

The Freash Sausage ($13.80) came a bit on the salty side but if paired with the mashed potatoes and sauce, it actually had a good balanced of flavours. It was one of my favourite dish at Canadian Pizza Dine-In Cafe.

Crazy Canadian Stacker 4/5

The Crazy Canadian Stacker ($14.90) came with double patties, grilled bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion rings, cheese and fries. The huge and juicy burger was packed with flavours and it was not going to be easy for one with a small appetite.

Peri Peri Chicken 3.8/5

I was worry that the Peri Peri Chicken ($16) may be too hot for my taste buds but they were quite mild and easily for the palate. The chicken has a nice crisp on the outside while tender inside. Served with fries and salad.

Steak Sandwich 4/5

Stacked with grilled beef, onion rings, lettuce, tomatoes and brown sauce, the Steak Sandwich ($13.90) was worth the penny. The perfectly grilled beef impressed me and well paired with the special brown sauce.

Brownie with Ice Cream 3/5

Bread Pudding 3/5

Apple Crumble 3/5

Besides the extensive mains that are available on the Canadian Pizza Dine In cafe, it also offers some classic desserts for the sweet tooth. We tried the Brownie, Bread Pudding and Apple Crumble. Unfortunately I didn't get to note down the price. The dessert was nothing to shout for but decently good.

In a small way I am quite excited about Canadian Pizza Dine-In Cafe. The mains are value for money and it is currently the only place you get your Canadian Pizza prepared by the chef upon order. What's more, the mains are available for delivery too. At the moment, the cafe is having a Friday night special with $40 spent customer gets a free regular pizza.

Canadian Pizza Dine-In Cafe
248 Jalan Kayu
Singapore 799472
Tel: +65 65563588
Nearest MRT: SengKang (NE Line), Serangoon (NE Line, CC Line), Yio Chu Kang (NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thur: 11am - 11pm
Fri-Sat: 11am - 1am

1) Alight at SengKang MRT station. Walk to SengKang LRT station. Take LRT to Thanggam Station (SW4). Walk to destination about 240 meter away. Journey time about 9 minutes.

2) Alight at SengKang MRT station. Walk to bus stop at block 323B (Stop ID 67449). Take bus no. 85. Alight 7 stops later. Walk to destination. Journey time about 13 minutes.

3) Alight at SengKang MRT station. Walk to SengKang bus interchange. Take bus no. 86. Alight 9 stops later. Walk to destination. Journey time about 23 minutes.

4) Alight at Serangoon MRT station. Walk to Serangoon bus interchange. Take bus no. 103. Alight 18 stops later. Walk to destination. Journey time about 27 minutes.

5) Alight at Yio Chu Kang MRT station. Walk to bus stop opposite Yio Chu Kang MRT station (Stop ID 55181). Take bus no. 86. Alight 13 stops later. Journey time about 19 minutes.


  1. Thats a lot of food! I did not know they have a dine in cafe and that they serve other food other than pizza!

    1. Yes it was new to me too. Thank you for the invitation by Canadian Pizza Dine-In for me to share with my readers.