Friday, June 8, 2012

Fan Play Savouries @ Suntec City Mall


When I was invited by Fan Play to try out their Chee Cheong Fan, I was asking myself will I be full? What is so special about it? Is there a post angle for my readers? I guess you probably have the same questions in your head now. Well, I have to say I was totally wrong about it. Glad that I went down to check out the Cheong Fan and I can proudly share this post with you.


Fan Play is actually located inside Carrefour at the Deli section on level 1. The short cut is to cut through the cashier counters, turn right and walk all the way to the end. Patrons can actually take away or dine inside Carrefour. There is a stand up dining area with some tall tables just in front of the stall.

Beer Battered Dory with Brown Sauce 4.5/5

Robert the owner told us that the Cheong Fan is specially imported from Ipoh twice weekly which the historic town is famous for. He tried manufacturing it in Singapore but it was not as good. He said the water used in Ipoh is different and hence the difference in texture. Besides the authentic Ipoh Cheong Fan, Fan Play also introduces savory gravies atop the silky smooth Cheong Fan.

When the Beer Battered Dory with Brown Sauce ($4.50) was served, my first thought was this is Hor Fun not Cheong Fan. Robert explained that it is indeed authentic Ipoh Cheong Fan as it is made from rice flour and water only. I mentioned earlier that I was sceptical whether I will be full since Cheong Fan is usually eaten as a snack. Look at the serving, it is as good as a full meal!. The beer battered dory was crisp on the outside and moist in the inside. The highlight has to be the special brown sauce. The sauce was light for the palate that just married the cheong fan perfectly.

Chicken Cutlet with Curry Sauce 4/5

Curry sauce for Chee Cheong Fan. You may think this is crazy but surprisingly it matched very well with the cheong fan. The Chicken Cutlet with Curry Sauce ($4.50) is like have a plate of curry katsu don except substituting the rice with cheong fan. If you love curry, this will be for you.

Terakayi Chicken with Sichuan Kong Pao Sauce 4.2/5

Fan Play really PLAY with their chee cheong FAN. No wonder they called themselves FAN PLAY. Who on earth will come up with cheong fan with sichuan kong pao sauce? The Terakayi Chicken with Sichuan Kong Pao sauce ($4.50) is sort of a fusion dish to me. I enjoyed how the sauce hits me with sweetness and left my taste buds lingering with the sichuan spiciness.

Vegetarian Cheong Fan with Mushroom Sauce 4/5

If you are pure vegetarian that does not take garlic and onion, Fan Play has the Vegetarian Cheong Fan with Mushroom Sauce ($3.00). I was challenged to taste a special ingredients in the sauce and I thought it tasted like ginseng but it turned out to be Dang Gui also known as Chinese Angelica Root.

Cheong Fan with Laksa Sauce 3.8/5

Add On Ingredients 4.2/5

To suit the local palate, Fan Play has also innovated and introduced the Cheong Fan with Laksa Sauce. The Cheong Fan with Laksa + 3 Add On Ingredients ($3.90) is definitely value for money.  Each add on ingredients is $0.50. The add on ingredients from bottom up are Five Spice Minced Meat wrapped in Beancurd Skin, Fish & Pork Meat wrapped in Beancurd Skin and Fried Wanton. They are all very good. If I need to choose one, I would go for the fish & pork meat wrapped in beancurd skin as my favourite.

I shared with the chef that the Laksa gravy was very nice and I can taste the distinct dried shrimp flavours. In simple word, it simply taste like laksa. Unfortunately, I thought that cheong fan felt separated as it didn't absorb the gravy. The chef was very receptive and even suggested serving in a bowl with more laksa gravy and tweaking the texture by having the cheong fan in smaller pieces. I look forward to them refining the dish. If they can get the formulae right, it will be a hit with the local.

Sar Kok Liew (Stuffed Yambean) 4.2/5

This is my first encounter with the famous Ipoh Sar Kok Liew or known as Stuffed Yambean ($0.50/pc). Accordingly to the chef, this is very labour intensive and availability is subjected to his mood. Many layers of textures await you as you bite into it. The crisp from the outer layer, the chewy texture that felt like eating nian gao and the crunchy juicy chopped bites of the stuffed yambean was something very enjoyable that one is never enough.

Organic Soya Bean Drink 4.2/5

If you do not like your soya bean drink too sweet, then I think the Organic Soya Bean Drink ($1.50) at Fan Play will probably suit your taste buds. The drink had a stronger soya bean flavour compared to most which I enjoyed and preferred. In my own opinion, it tasted more natural.

Current Fan Play is have a promotion on their facebook page, ends on 10th June 2012 Sunday 2359hr,
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[Update] - Please note. I understand the Chef has left and they have a new replacement. Heard from my friend the standard has dropped too. Apologize if you have any bad experience after my recommendation.

Fan Play Savouries
Suntec City Mall
Tower 4 Level 1
Carrefour Deli Section
Temasek Boulevard Suntec
Singapore 038983
Nearest MRT: Promenade (CC Line, DT Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 10am - 7pm

1) Alight at Promenade MRT Station. Take Exit C. Walk to Carrefour Deli Section. Journey time 3 minutes.


  1. which is your favorite? Mine is kung pow! agreed with you on the laksa. That's what I wrote too, scheduled to be out soon!

  2. Aunt Christine TeoJune 8, 2012 at 9:31 AM

    Charlene mentioned the chee cheong fan tastes awesome :) Will try soon!

  3. WOW I wasn't expecting to see the chee cheong funs turn out like that after your narration to me the other day! They surely brought the savory chee cheong fan to another level!

  4. Oh damn. Apart from The Lawn's salads, I'm seriously missing Fan Play's chee cheong fun too! Ahhhhhhh~~~~

    1. Bring aunt Christine lar! She also wants to try.

  5. are there any seats for the customers?

    1. There is no seats. It has a stand up eating area with tables.

    2. R u sure is that good. I tried today with my work mates. The fish is tastless and it wasn't even battered as shown in the photos. The Sichuan Kong Pao Sauce and chicken are all not available. Wanted to try the Stuffed Yambean but wasn't available too. My friend just had chee chong fan with curry and it tasted bad. Like it tasted sourish.. May people should reconsider going there for chee chong fan. It is really a bad experience.

    3. Hi Anonymous, I am sorry about your experience. I am not sure what happened but during my visit, my friends and I (5 of us) all find it good. It was not based on solo perference.

      I also mentioned in the post the stuffed yambean is not available daily.

    4. Hi anonymous,

      I understand they have changed their chef. I guess that is why the dropped in standard. My friend went back and told me the same thing too.

      They have potential and I really hope they can quickly fine tuned to dish out the standard they used to have.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. The beer battered dory fish was really our favourtie when we went there for tasting. However i must admit the taste and standard dropped when i went back today. Perhaps this is due to the chef has left, but Fan Play are not giving up. They are trying to adjust the recipe to maintain the standard. Please give them some time to bring back the promising taste.

      Anyway all the items are back on the track, they have everything today. I am so looking forward to the beer battered dory fish we had during the tasting!