Monday, June 11, 2012

Pu Tien Xing Hua Cuisine @ Hougang Mall


(Photo taken with Canon IXUS 120IS )

I stay in Hougang but I seldom eat in Hougang. It is a kind of contradicting isn't it? Anyway, cut the story short, I was at Hougang Mall looking for lunch and I decided to dine at the Mei Shi Mei Ke Food Court by Kopitiam at level 4.


The decor of the food court has a very chinese theme.


The calligraphy on the windows featuring nursery rhymes impressed me most.

Xin Hua Lor Mee 4.2/5

The headache about eating at food court is that there are so many choices. After I have recce the place, I decided to have the Xin Hua Lor Mee ($4). I like Pu Tien Restaurant's Lor Mee and I think this stall's lor mee is quite comparable. For a mere $4 and the portion I am getting, I find it value for money. I like to add a bit of vinegar to give the dish extra flavours. I am sure I will return for another plate of their hearty lor mee.

Pu Tien Xing Hua
Mei Shi Mei Ke by Kopitiam
Hougang Mall
Level 4
Nearest MRT: Hougang (NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 10am - 10pm

Alight at Hougang MRT station: Take Exit B. Walk to Hougang Mall. Journey time 3 minutes.


  1. hard to go wrong with their Lor Mee. yummy

  2. omg, i've been here before. I remember the chinese writing. My date and I broke up here. lots of tears. lol!

  3. It is closing for good on 29 Jul 2013.
    Last chance to try out the stall.

    1. The stall is closing or the whole food court?

    2. Almost 2 years down, the stall is still there.