Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bumbu Restaurant @ Kandahar Street


I get to know of this restaurant after watching a TV shows on buffet places. It was a Saturday and I was with my friend's family going around Singapore taking pictures of the life-size elephant exhibit of the Elephant Parade Singapore 2011 and I suggested Bumbu Restaurant for dinner.


Walking into the 2 storey pre-war house is like stepping back into a bygone era. The restaurant is decorated with antique furniture and artifacts everywhere as if it is a antique museum.

The Indo Thai restaurant offers both ala carte and buffet on their menu. We went for the buffet which cost $16.80+ per adult and $8.40+ for children under 10 years old. There were about 23 mains and 16 desserts/drinks on the buffet menu.

Tahu Telor 4.2/5

Unlike the usual Tahu Telor that is served in one big piece, the Tahu (Tofu) here came in small pieces. It looked mediocre but it was really very good. The Tahu was very soft and smooth.

Seafood Fried Egg Salad

What a weird combination of Seafood and Fried Egg as a salad dish. The Seafood Fried Egg Salad was served in a lime sauce with a tad of spiciness that married both the seafood and fried egg into a delightful salad.

Gado Gado

Gado Gado is a typical Indonesia dish whereby vegetables are served in peanut sauce. I don't fancy the dish because I find it weird to eat vegetable in peanut sauce. Nevertheless, the peanut sauce itself was really nutty and flavourful.

Steam Fish Spicy Lime Sauce 4/5

The Steam Fish Spicy Lime Sauce was simple, fresh and nice. The boneless fish slices were not too spicy for the kids and they enjoyed it.

Fried Fish Slice House Chilli 3.5/5

I find the Fried Fish Slice House Chilli was rather pedestrian. The house chilli did not manage to wow me.

Sweet Sour Chicken 4/5

Bumbu supposed to be a Indo Thai restaurant and I really not sure why the Sweet Sour Chicken dish is on the menu although they substitute pork with chicken since it is a Halal restaurant.

Stir Fry Prawn with Egg 4.2/5

The Stir Fry Prawn with Egg has a nice fluffy and creamy texture. It was the kids favourite dish.

Sambal Kangkong 4.2/5

I think Sambal Kangkong is my favourite vegetable dish. I realized I usually order it when I dine outside. The belacan chilli infused with the kangkong was really shiok. It was not overcooked with a tad of crunchiness that I like.

Black Pepper Beef 3.5/5

I was a bit disappinted with the Black Pepper Beef. The beef was a bit rubbery which did not justify for the flavourful black pepper sauce.

Cold Tofu with Preserved Egg 4.5/5

You don't often get to find Cold Tofu with Preserved Egg served at restaurant. I remembered the first time I tried this dish in Taiwan and I fell in love with it. The cold tofu was tasteless but paired with preserved egg, salted egg and sauce, it just turned into a very beautiful dish.

Mini Spring Roll 4/5

The Mini Spring Roll surprised all of us. The restaurant used Otak for the spring roll's filling! It is an interesting and unique combination. The spring roll was fried perfectly with a nice colouring and the skin was very crispy.

You may realized I did not post any dessert pictures. We were so full that we could not eat anymore desserts!

Bumbu Restaurant
44 Kandahar Street
Nearest MRT: Bugis (EW Line, DT Line), Nicoll Highway (CC Line)

Opening hours:
Daily : 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm

1) Alight at Nicoll Highway MRT station. Take exit towards The concourse. Follow the overhead walkway all the way to Keypoint. Turn right into Jalan Sultan Road. Turn left into Pahang Street. Turn right into Kandahar Road. Journey time about 15 minutes.

2) Alight at Bugis MRT station. Take exit B. Cut across Raffles Hospital. Turn left onto North Bridge Road. Walk towards Masjid Sultan Mosque.Turn right into Kandahar Street. Journey time about 10 minutes.


  1. Food looks good, the place like 黄金甲

  2. Ya the place very FU GU and interesting. All these are the boss collections. I read a lot of their ala carte menu. Next time should check them out.

  3. omg why didn't we get otak filling in the spring roll! hmm the tahu telor looks good! i love fried tofu.. should've ordered! shall order the prawns with eggs next time too! :D

    1. I am not sure why I got otak filling previously? The 2nd time I was there it also didn't have otak filling. Next time we go again we shall order the fried tofu and prawns with eggs.