Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Ultimate Crab & Durian Buffet @ Sentosa Boardwalk

I have been looking forward to this month foodies gathering because we are going to Sentosa Broadwalk for the Ultimate Crab and Durian Buffet! Crab and Durian, two popular local food coming together is like marriage made in heaven. Don't believe me? The buffet which started from 6 June 2011 to 26 June 2011 is FULLY BOOKED till the last day of the event. It is a very successful event and hopefully Sentosa will bring it back again next year.

The buffet line has quite a few selection of crab dishes prepared in different ways. There were Black Pepper Sri Lankan Crabs, Wok-Fried Chili Sri Lankan Crab, Salted Egg Yoke Crab, Ginger Scallion Flower Crab, Masala Mud Crab and more... My favourite was the Black Pepper Sri Lankan Crabs which was well infused with the fiery spiciness and aroma of the Black Pepper.

Black Pepper Sri Lankan Crabs

Salted Egg Yoke Crab

Ginger Scallion Flower Crab

Wok-Fried Chili Sri Lankan Crab

Masala Mud Crab

By this time, my hands were already dirty from all the crab eating. I have to admit I was busy eating and didn't manage to take a lot of photos. The buffet has more than 40 items and below were just some of the food I ate.

Fresh Oyster

Stir-Fried Slipper Lobster


The other highlight of the buffet was the Durian. I pitied the 2 uncles standing whole night opening basket after basket of Durians serving to the endless line of people. They didn't even have a chance to take a breather. The Durians quality was so so only. The dark yellow Durian meat was creamier and sweeter compare to the paler one.


Beside the delicious food and beautiful scene of the Sentosa Boardwalk, there was another surprise for dinner. When the clock struck 9 at night. the sky was painted with fireworks from Universal Studio Sentosa (USS). The two metal cranes from Resort World Sentosa (RWS) also started to dance along with the beautiful lightings.

Lastly a big thanks to Ellena, Maureen and Jiayi for organising the gathering. It was also nice to meet new friends Sherie (aka maameemoomoo), Celes (aka CelestialDelish) and hubby.

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The Ultimate Crab and Durian Buffet
The Promontory, Sentosa Boardwalk
Nearest MRT: Harbour Front (NE Line and CC Line)


  1. Hahaha the Durian queue is driving us crazy hor.... :)

  2. come my name is not mentioned in your list huh? whahahahhaa

    yalor..the queue for the durians is crazy!! but overall, i don't find it so fantastic

  3. @joyce Aiya you got blog meh? next time i feature you on a special post ok?

  4. @Cuisine Paradise Yes the queue is crazy. Lucky we have a big group to queue.