Saturday, June 4, 2011

Phuket Trip Part 3

I have visit Thailand several times but never eaten at MK Restaurant. There is MK Restaurant located at Junceylon Shopping Mall at Patong, Phuket and I decided to check it out for dinner.

To cool ourselves from the hot weather, we have Thai Ice Tea and Pineapple Juice which were very refreshing.

Thai Ice Tea & Pineapple Juice

We settled for the MK Steamboat. I ordered the vegetable platter, meat platter and beef. The platters had a good variety of ingredients and the beef was beautiful. Unfortunately there was no flavour for the broth. It was plain boiling water. I even noticed the tourist couple beside my table pouring soy sauce and chilli into the broth.

Vegetable Platter

Meat Platter


MK Steamboat

The steam rice came in a little pyramid shape with brown rice and barley on top of it. It gave the rice an additional texture which was nice.

Steam Rice


  1. MK restaurants, one of my fav. thai restaurants :)
    i recommend you try their roasted duck and pork platter and mixed with green noodles if you head into BKK / HKT next round :)

  2. @xinyun Thank you for leaving a comment. I will try the roasted duck, pork platter and green noodles next time.

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    I am sure, i will come back. SEE YOU PHUKET

  4. Useful information, Now I'm looking at planning trip to Thailand(Phuket area). Any help and ideas welcome.

  5. Thanks for sharing your Phuket experience,
    this post was very helpful… Keep posting and good luck with your post!

  6. Sounds great,
    I really enjoy this reading, thanks for sharing.