Monday, April 11, 2011

Rock & Ash @ Novena Square 2

This is Rock & Ash third outlet and it is located at the basement of Novena Square 2, conveniently accessible via Novena MRT station. Coincidentally my friends and I were there on their first day of opening. What make Rock & Ash Cafe unique is its specially made to order crispy fries and wide selection of sweet, savoury and spicy homemade dips. The cripsy fries come in 3 sizes at the price of $3.90, $4.90 and $5.90.

I had the Crispy Fries with Power Garlic Mayo dip. The garlic taste from the dip was strong but not over powering.  It actually is a good combination. The fries were good and I can feel that there were thoughts into the size of the fries so that it can be accompanied with the dip.

Crispy Fries with Power Garlic Mayo 4/5

I also like the selection of burgers available at the cafe. After much consideration, I settled for the Minty Yogurt Lamb Burger since I don't usually find lamb burger being sold at most cafe.

The Minty Yogurt Lamb Burger came with fries on the side too. The size of the burger was just right and can be easily handled with both hands. The lamb patty was nice with some yogurt sauce on top of it.

Minty Yogurt Lamb Burger 4/5

My friends had the Fish & Chips and the Grilled Chicken.  The fish was nicely cooked with the golden brown crust. The fish itself was bland in flavour but when eaten with the lemony sauce it was very flavouring. We only wished that there were more sauce as the fish fillet was quite big.

Fish and Chips 3.5/5

The Grilled Chicken came with salad and mashed potato sides. The mashed potato was smooth and good. Unfortunately the black pepper sauce was too salty. Since it was there first day of opening, the kitchen probably still need some fine tuning of their menu.

Grilled Chicken 3.5/5

Rock & Ash
Novena Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive
Nearest MRT: Novena (NS Line)


  1. Emmmm the fish and chip and grilled chicken doesn't look appealing leh... errrrr...

  2. @Cuisine Paradise definitely a lot of rooms to improve for the mains. The fries and burgers are ok.

  3. LOL! Ya i was telling zhihao the same thing! Fish N Chips definitely dun look appealing -__-

    I would love to try the minty yogurt lamb burger!