Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shashlik Restaurant @ Far East Shopping Centre

This restaurant serves Russian cuisine. Story has it that it was actually "set up in 1986 by 9 Hainanse migrants after being laid off at Russian restaurant Troika, the menu remained the same for the past twenty years." (from a HGW review by stargirl).

Walking into the restaurant located at level 6 of Far East Shopping Centre is like turning back the clock. I thought I walked into an old folks home if not for the customers in the restaurant. We have senior citizen waiter/waitress bringing out your food on a wooden trolley and serving at the table side.

Shashlik is famous for its Borsch Soup. The waiter/waitress will push out the wooden trolley with a tureen sitting on it, ladled the soup from it and served at the table. It also came with a scoop of sour cream if you want it. The flavour of the tomato based Borsch Soup ws complex but pretty good. A free soft bun was also served, extra at $0.50. It was warm, fluffy and with some sweetness. It was very good eating it alone with the spread of butter or for cleaning up the plate.

Borsch Soup 4.2/5

The onion soup was quite average and a bit salty. I kind of regret ordering it since I am at a Russian theme restaurant.

Onion Soup 3/5

For the main, I went for the Lamb Shashlik (meat on skewer) which is available in lamb, chicken, beef and pork. Once again, the waiter/waitress pushed the wooden trolley up to the table, removed the meat from the skewer and plated up the meat, fries and garnished it on a sizzling hot plate. Nothing fancy on how the meat is prepared or cooked. It is all down to the marination of the meat. The lamb was really tasty from the marination.

Lamb Shashlik 4/5

Shashlik Restaurant
Far East Shopping Centre
545 Orchard Road
Nearest MRT: Orchard (NS Line)

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